We want the Stones! We want the Stones!

After months of screaming teenaged Rolling Stones fans making their life unbearable, HMV Canada has finally lifted the ban on selling Rolling Stones records and DVDs at their HMV retail locations. OK the first part of this post is a lie but the rest is true. Due to the fact that the Rolling Stones had an exclusive deal with retail giant Best Buy for their Four Flicks DVD, HMV felt that the best way to deal with this catastrophe was to ban the sale of Stones albums at HMV stores. According to HMV and their poll, “the point has been made.” Well that’s a welcome relief since I have a funny feeling nobody out there really noticed the lack of Stones product since they were too busy complaining about that crap they keep blasting on the speakers in the stores themselves. My advice to the record buying public (Stones fans or not): find an indie record store and buy there.