Odds & Sods

Welcome to Band Week!

This week is a bit of an experiment. I have fallen behind in writing about a lot of great bands and the records that they pump out over the last few months so in an attempt to rectify the situation somewhat I will be dedicating this week to nothing but bands. Whether they be CDs that bands and labels have sent me (thank you very much and keep ’em coming!) or MP3s that I have found or been e-mailed, this week will be a bit of a departure as I will try to focus only on bands and their music. One thing I do want you to keep in mind is that my reviewing philosophy is that I only review what I like or what I feel is “significant” for whatever reason. I don’t have the time or inclination to write reviews of music I don’t like so with that in mind, let’s get the first edition of Band Week going. This will most probably be a regular feature so hold on to your hats and open up your ears!