Odds & Sods

Welcome to the New Rock and Roll Report!

Well as you may figured out when you logged into the site, The Rock and Roll Report has undergone a pretty dramatic change in the last week. What you see is the culmination of months of work with web designer Josh Bowers to bring the Report more inline with being an online magazine and less like a typical blog.

Why did we make this change barely a year after the last redesign? Well like everything, the Rock and Roll Report has evolved and will continue to evolve in the years ahead and this is of course a good thing. The new design allows me and the growing stable of writers on the site more flexibility in growing the site in the direction we hope to take it. The mission of course will remain the same and that is to showcase the amazing depth and variety of rock and roll bands and artists whom are either unsigned or on independent record labels combined with a healthy dose of fun. The writers featured on The Rock and Roll Report are all passionate music fans and they write about the bands, artists and record labels that they do because they are passionate about them. They are not “commissioned” to write about anything other than what they personally want to cover. They decide what they want and who they want to feature hoping that you will like and appreciate what they have to offer. We are hoping that coming to the site and reading and listening to what we have to say will be much like getting a recommendation from friends about some band or label that you never heard of and checking it out just because you trust their taste.

As you can see, the new site has a different format that is more akin to an online magazine. It also features a refined set of categories and a site map to help you get to where you want to go. In addition, the podcast has its own page so that you can quickly get there to check out what is new with the show and who I have been playing. Overall I think the design is both easier on the eyes and easier to navigate.

Speaking of easy on the eyes, you will also notice that the site has a brand new feature called the Triple R Girl. If you think that this is your typical gratuitous “Babe of the Month” feature you might as well go elsewhere because this is far from that. The Triple R Girl does in fact showcase some very sexy women but they are Triple R Girls more because they truly exemplify rock and roll attitude. These women not only talk the talk but walk the walk and we will be featuring women who are successful musicians, music biz insiders and real rock and roll fans. We hope that being a Triple R Girl will be an honor for those who take part because it shows people that you can be sexy, intelligent and successful. Women in rock and roll should never be considered an accessory to the band and we hope that this goes a small way in proving that.

Over the next few months look for more exciting new things to be added to the site and podcast. In this Web 2.0 age of multiple methods of getting and listening to music we hope that The Rock and Roll Report becomes one of your trusted stops for rock and roll intelligence. We may not be the biggest site on the ‘Net but we do this because we truly love it and are passionate about rock and roll and we hope this shines through in every word, picture and sound you experience on the site. Thanks for making us part of your music routine.

Mark Boudreau
Editor-Publisher & Podcast Host
The Rock and Roll Report