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Welcome to the New Rock and Roll Report!

keith-smoking.jpgWell it was a long time in coming but with the amazing assistance of Graham Ford at Sugartune who is a genius at web development (and puts up with my often inane questions!) the brand new Rock and Roll Report is here. Over the next few days we will be fine tuning the operation but I just wanted to give you all a quick heads up on what we have planned for the site and some of the new features that it contains.

You may notice that I am constantly referring to “we” when I talk about the site now. I am excited to announce that we have a number of new contributors who will bring in a bit of new blood and new voices in our quest to bring to you all that we think rock and roll is really about.

From Toronto, Ontario Tova Jansen has climbed onboard and will be bringing her unique take on what she thinks is hot and worth your rock and roll time and attention. Tova brings a wealth of experience in “the biz” and she has already contributed a few posts before the changeover. Expect more from Tova in the near future.

From Cleveland, Ohio (hello Cleveland!) we have Matheson, a writer whose mission in life is to bring to your attention some amazing unsigned bands and musicians who unfortunately suffer for the lack of adequate publicity. Matheson also writes for the Cleveland-based magazine Exciting City where he covers the local Cleveland scene. A kindred spirit indeed, I am looking forward to what Matheson will bring to the rock and roll party.

Finally, we have Mr. Graham Ford himself. The man behind Montreal indie supersite Sugartune has pledged to not only help on the technical side of things but to bring his distinctive views on rock and roll to The Rock and Roll Report. We are in fact collaborating because I will be contributing as well to his very cool blog called the Indie Rock Blog so make sure you check that out often.

That’s it for now. There are a number of exciting new features to the site which I will talk about over the next day or so in addition to some plans that we have for the near and mid-term that will be a blast once they get going. One thing that will not change will be our focus on scouring the globe for niche-free rock and roll that will bring a glimmer to your eye, a smile to your face and a shake to your hips. The best is yet to come! Welcome aboard.


Mark Boudreau