What does the future hold for “The Future of Rock and Roll”?

Yes it’s true. Legendary American alt-rock radio station WOXY-FM (“97X The Future of Rock and Roll”) has been sold. While this is a sad day for the citizens of the Dayton-Cincinnati area (insert your own WKRP joke here) the interesting thing is that the couple that owns the station plans on continuing broadcasting as an Internet only webcaster. Now I am a big supporter of Internet radio and I have only heard good things about WOXY but I feel kind of sad at the same time. Doug and Linda Balogh are selling mainly because the current business climate makes it very difficult to survive as a single station company, especially with an alt/indie rock format. Local radio is dying people and, even though more people will have the potential to listen to WOXY (it is already one of the most popular streaming stations on the ‘Net), the local bands and music fans that listened in their cars and on their boom boxes in the backyards of Cincinnati and environs will be losing out on a valuable community resource. Sometimes progress sucks but the bottom line is that the station and its’ format are not going away and that is a good thing for all rock and roll fans. Good luck WOXY, we’ll still be listening.