What does this all mean? BRMC storm to top of NME chart on MTV2 – NME.COM

Speaking of cool bands, it looks like the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are making some waves across the pond (BRMC storm to top of NME chart on MTV2 – NME.COM). Now, I am not a big fan of MTV and its numerous offspring (actually I do like the behind the scenes documentaries, rock movies and live concert specials and I killed at the canceled Rock and Roll Jeopardy) but is it a sign of the times when people who watch these stations start buying albums by honest to goodness kick ass rock bands? Is this a sign of the Apocalypse? Has O’Town left town and Brittany been speared? Are the kids out of N’Sync? Stay tuned for continuing updates in the quest for real, genuine, shit kicking rock and roll by bands that play actual, gulp, songs that you just might like.