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What is Indie? A Quick Film Review

On September 19th I posted the trailer to the film “What is Indie?” and now I am fortunate enough to have been able to watch the film on DVD courtesy of Montreal-based director David Cool and it was really quite an education, and the bloopers were funny too.

The concept of the film is quite straightforward: ask a bunch of indie musicians and other people involved in “the scene” the question “What is Indie?” and see what happens. At first things unfold the way you might imagine with talk of indie labels and owning masters and not “selling out to the man” but it soon emerges that the question of what constitutes “indie” is not as straightforward as one might think. With everybody from Derek Sivers from CD Baby and Panos Panay of Sonicbids chiming in with a multitude of indie artists, the question becomes a debate about things like modes of distribution and whether one can be “indie” on a major label that all add to a fascinating debate. At the end of the day I have to agree with the argument that “indie” is more of a philosphy than a way to distribute records. As Doug so eloquently points out on a recent article on CNN about the film:

“These days indie is more of a philosophy,” “If you can maintain control and integrity over your art, whether on your own or with a corporation — that’s what’s important.”

Indie truly is a different way to create art and it could very well be taking over the world. Take that Paris!

The film is currently being featured at a number of events and venues across North America:

# October 12th @ INDIE Week (Toronto, ON)

# October 13th @ OCFF (Ottawa, ON)

# October 18th @ Five Towns College of Music (New York, NY)

# October 26th @ Dale Pro Audio (New York, NY)

# November 4th @ C’est What? (Toronto, ON)

# November 6th @ Middle East Room (Boston, MA)

# November 9th @ Green Room (Montreal, QC)

# November 11th @ Hank’s Saloon (Brooklyn, NY)

# February 10th @ DIY Convention (Los Angeles, CA)