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What is Indie?

What is Indie? That is the subject of a documentary called "What is Indie" produced by Standalone Records. According to their blurb on YouTube:

At a time when independent artists in the music industry have more power and control over their careers than ever before, "What is INDIE?" is a documentary film that tries to determine just what it really means to be ‘indie’, and also examines the changes in the music industry and what affect they are having on indie artists. The film features interviews with indie music experts including Derek Sivers (Founder of CD Baby), Panos Panay (Founder of Sonicbids) and Suzanne Glass (Founder of, as well as with 20 artists including Ember Swift and Paul Cargnello.

Does being an ‘indie’ artist mean that you’re "unsigned", or does it mean that you’re just not signed to a major record label? Is it possible to be ‘indie’ on a major label?! What does the future hold for indie artists? Is the independent movement taking over the industry? The answers may surprise you…