What is The Rock and Roll Report All About?

200banner_002The Rock and Roll Report embraces the attitude of rock and roll with both barrels blazing. We specialize in bringing to you what we consider to be the best rock and roll on the planet. While we do spend some of our time listening to what the major labels put out, we like to concentrate on all that amazing music by unsigned bands and musicians and on smaller independent record labels as that is where we feel the passion burns the brightest.

Whether through our various features such as our regular “Band of the Week” with free MP3 download to our extensive CD reviews to our weekly podcast, monthly radio show and Rock and Roll Report TV, we are all about shining the light on those artists that we feel are getting the short end of the rock and roll stick. All the contributors to The Rock and Roll Report are passionate about their rock and roll and are involved because they want YOU to listen and enjoy.

In addition to all this amazing music we celebrate everything that rock and roll embraces with rock movie film reviews, peeks into the dark crooks and crannies of rock and roll history, amazing music photography, thought provoking rants and features and anything else that catches our rock and roll fancy, all served up with a mixture of attitude, sexiness and a healthy sense of fun.

We truly believe that the best way to discover amazing music is to have people passionate about what they like let you know what floats their boat and the Rock and Roll Report always ensures that it is the music first and foremost that is important. And as we are a niche free zone, our rock and roll encompasses everything from hard rock to heavy metal, power pop to punk, garage to psychedelic and everything in between. We don’t believe in overclasifying our music. We will leave that to others to argue about.

If you love rock and roll but have given up hope, come and join us at the Rock and Roll Report. Available on your computer, smart phone or MP3 player or pretty much anything that can connect to the Net, The Rock and Roll Report’s mission is to get you pushing that volume knob to 11. With multiple easy ways to stay in touch with what is going on, we hope that the Rock and Roll Report will become a trusted source of amazing music that will brighten your lights, get your woofers woofing and make your ears and eyes smile.

Come check us out at www.rockandrollreport.com

The Rock and Roll Report. It’s Rock and Roll 2.0.