What We Have Planned for 2009

Nothing! Absolutely nothing!

I am just pulling your chain because I am so excited about what the future has in store I am about to bust.

We started out 2008 with four regular contributors but that number has expanded over the course of the year to equal 16 passionate, dedicated music lovers who just want to spread the word about the music they love.

The plans for 2009 are many and varied but we will continue with an amazing variety of CD reviews and band and artist features from all over the rock and roll spectrum. We will always strive to provide you with free downloads to enjoy and great content to read and look for more features on all kinds of topics related to rock and roll in the coming months.

The podcast will continue to grow and change as it incorporates more voices and more ways to present music to you. Whether that is in the form of band and label spotlights, live music, interviews, co-hosts or a combination of all of this, the podcast will be we hope an audio companion that you will take the time to subscribe to and listen to every week whether it be on your computer, MP3 player or cell phone.

In 2009 the podcast will be joined by a revamped Rock and Roll Report TV. Already it features a new video a day, 5 days a week but look for original music-related programming soon. It will be what music TV should be. Details will be released in the coming months so get ready!

And when you are rocking out a music festival this summer (look for our summer festival guide this spring) keep an eye out for a Rock and Roll Report booth where we will be conducting interviews with cool artists and bands and where they will be able to interact with YOU. We will let you know where we are this summer so make sure you stop by and say hi!

We have more things up our sleeves but this should be enough to suffice for now. Thanks so much for spending your hard earned time with us. We feel it is time well wasted!

Take care and have a great 2009!

Mark Boudreau on behalf of Team Rock and Roll Report

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  1. ~Looking forward to 2009 Podcasts Mark.
    They sure do get me through my workouts, at the gym !!!
    Kick it up.


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