Odds & Sods

What’s New?

There are a lot of great new features on the site now with more to come in the future so I thought I would point out some of the obvious ones before things heat up in earnest next week.

 You may have noticed that there is now a Share This button at the bottom of each post. If you click on it you will find a veritable treasure trove of Web 2.0 services that you can use to share the post with friends and colleagues if something really strikes your fancy. Like the review of the new Mainliners album? How about Digging it or sending it to your Google bookmarks? Loved that film review? Tell the world through Stumbled Upon or Technorati or simply e-mail it to your friends. The Share This feature is a great way to let other people know that you found some great rock and roll on The Rock and Roll Report and wanted them to check it out.

Another thing we have added is On Random Play. Nothing could replace going to your favourite local indie record store but if that isn’t an option for whatever reason, On Random Play is there for you. On Random Play is a work in progress. It is eventually intended to be a complete record store featuring both digital and hard copies of CDs of bands and artists we figure you will like based on the fact that you are reading The Rock and Roll Report.  Created in partnership with CD Baby and Amazon, it is currently now filled with CDs either reviewed on the site, played on the radio show or otherwise stuff that just caught our ear in passing. Click on any album cover and you will be able to listen to the CD, read about the band, find other stuff of a similar style and then finally buy the CD. The CDs right now are loaded completely at random and I am still loading them as you read this but it is a great way to randomly discover some cool music that you might otherwise not have found. If you like the music you are hearing then support the artist and buy the CD. It’s that simple.

Another great series that we have coming up is our film review column in partnership with The Video Beat called Matinee at the Rock and Roll Bijou. The Video Beat specializes in some pretty amazing and obscure rock and roll films, TV shows and documentaries from the ’50s and ’60s so we thought it would be fun to review some of these amazing visual documents to get a sense of the time in which they were made. The first series of posts in this feature will look back at the “Summer of Love” 40 years ago this year with a review of some interesting and “groovy” films, documentaries, shorts and TV series from that infamous era. It should be quite the trip!

That is just a few of the treats we have in store for you in addition to our regular series of record reviews, label spotlights and radio show features. Stick around as we add more and more rock and roll fun to the mix and if you have an idea for a feature or service by all means let us know!

Thanks for reading.