Rock Radio 2.0

When Radio Was Cool……

I love the art of radio but there is no doubt in my mind that it is a dying art, kept alive only on the non-commercial community radio stations around the world and some of the public broadcasters like the BBC, CBC and NPR. There was a time though, when FM radio was young that freeform radio dared to be different, often radically different from all the radio that had been broadcast before it.

The Free Form Radio blog celebrates this era with some wonderful tales of freeform radio madness and fun. Filled with hard to find information, personal reminices and links that will take you back to when radio wasn’t all about hawking home electronics and lube jobs, this site is a pleasure to read and will hopefully inspire some eager young guns to pick up the free form torch either over the airwaves or more likely on a podcast or Internet streaming station.

A pity really.