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Who Needs A Record Label Anymore?

HyperDiy Media, a new kind of ‘Record Label Replacement Company’, are offering a range of services to replace the old-fashioned style record deal.

Aimed at artists, bands and small labels. HyperDIY can handle anything from simple online distribution to a full campaign including Videos and radio plugging and a number of ever expending territories around the world. The aim is to allow new bands to have a chance at getting their music heard by the public at large, without having to wait to be discovered by the increasingly tight and inward looking circles of the
music Industry.

“A lot of bands and artists feel that it’s hard to get any interest from record labels due to the state most labels are in, they all seem to be playing it very safe.” said Richard, the companies Managing Director. Dawn Firth, the CEO added “A lot of people think it’s impossible to have a successful music career without a label, but there’s a lot of talented bands and artist’s out there who just haven’t been lucky enough to get the breaks”.

HyperDIY’s aim is to provide the tools to level the playing field. For a range of low one off fees, artists can have HyperDIY handle everything that a traditional label would handle for the band. Artists are able to select several individual services such as distribution, mastering, PR, Video Production and online support or to select from a number of packages which combine a number of the above for reduced rates. The best part is that any revenue the band makes from their record sales goes back to the band, with HyperDIY not taking one single percent from their profit. Also, HyperDIY does not have an A&R policy. “We aren’t here to judge,” added Dawn “We always believed that it is for the public to decide- so often the labels get it wrong!”

Many of the packages can be paid for over time and even if, in these recessional times, an artists finds he can’t quite afford the services, Dawn and Richard urge artists to get in touch. “We aren’t some faceless major, contact us for a chat and we’ll see how we can help” says Dawn.

HyperMEDIA also provide a FREE press release service to anyone who signs up to their mailing list, just go to their site, click where advertised and fill in your details, then they will get your press release out far and wide.

So if you are asking yourself, “Who needs a record label?” go to and see what they have to offer.

Courtesy of Music Dish