With the Lights Out

Pitchfork has reported on the details of the upcoming Nirvana box-set “With the Lights Out” and it will reportedly feature no less than 68 unreleased tracks. Now I enjoy un-released stuff as much as the next music fan and I have always been a big fan of Nirvana but I just hope that these “unreleased tracks” turn out to be rough but relatively finished demos of new songs as opposed to mindless noodling, false starts and unintelligible studio patter a la “Let it Be.” True fans would rather see that stay on the shelf then pony up their hard earned cash for a relative waste of time. Of course I’m still going to buy it anyways! Ya ya I’m a sucker, I know.


  1. Hey dude, maybe you didn’t know, but the Nirvanna singer has been dead for over 10 years. So how do expect them to have 68 “relatively” finished” demos? I am a huge Nirvanna fan I would love to hear as many unrehearsed demos etc.. as possible. It’s sad that 10 years later people don’t understand the punk rock influences that were such a big part of Nirvanna. That means everything doesn’t have to sound perfectly refined in a million dollar studio. If you want stuff like that I suggest you get the latest Creed album. I am sure that is polished enough for your tastes.

  2. There is a big difference between demos of complete or near complete songs and merely releasing mindless rehearsing with not even an attempt at being a song (or even a fragment of one)in any form. Rough rehearsals are fine with me. Twenty minutes of tuning guitars and drum rolls are nothing but an excuse to rip off fans.

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