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Women Who Rock – The Triple R Girl for September is Yogini and Guitar Slinger Debra From Devi

Debra from Devi, color photo by Guzman for cover

“Debra from Devi has a compelling voice—a mix of Sheryl Crow and PJ Harvey—while her guitar playing reminds us of the incomparable Jimi Hendrix.” – Metal Hammer (Italy)

“A ferocious guitar-driven power trio equally adept at sprawling psychedelic jams and terse, haunting rockers.” – Lucid Culture

Devi is a rock trio from Hoboken NJ, led by a woman NYC blog Lucid Culture calls “one of the great guitar players of our time.” This is “an utterly bad-ass power trio,” says Midwest Record, with “a sense of humor, swagger, blistering guitar chops, looks, and the smarts to fuse niche with mass market.” Italy’s Audiovideofoto magazine adds “something tells us we are witnessing the birth of a rock star.”

Devi (“Davey) is Sanskrit for The Goddess—nature in all her forms, including sound. Debra co-produced the band’s debut album, Get Free, which is digitally distributed by Redeye USA and starting to get airplay on college and AAA radio. After getting rave reviews in Italy, Get Free was featured on the iTunes Italy homepage for 2 weeks in June.

Devi roped some talented friends into the Get Free sessions, including keyboardist Rob Clores (Black Crowes, Blues Traveler), jazz clarinetist Perry Robinson, sarod player & singer Wynne Paris (Krishna Das), Michael W. Dean (Bomb), and Wiser Time vocalist Carmen Sclafani.

“Get Free is about the longing for love and the longing for God and the crazy things we pursue, from drugs to sex to relationships, to try to appease those longings,” says singer/guitarist Debra, a Jivamukti yoga practitioner. “All our efforts to escape from being human help us evolve,” she adds, laughing, “whether we like it or not!”

Live, Debra loves to stretch out and jam with bassist Keith Mannino (who was in Black Market Radio with Chris Cornell’s brother Peter) and drummer John Hummel (Black Market Radio and Amfibian). The band adds album guests to the mix whenever possible. Wynne Paris joined Devi onstage at the NAMM show this year and Clores sits in on their NYC shows when he’s in town. As Lucid Culture says “you never know where this band’s adventurous jams will take you…”

Debra is another perfect embodiment of what we are trying to do with the Triple R Girl feature in demonstrating that women can rock with the best of them, any time, any day. Rock and Roll may have been a male dominated preserve in the past but that quirk of history is fast changing to everyone’s relief!

Debra – vocals/guitars
John Hummel – drums, percussion (Amfibian, Black Market Radio)
Keith Maninno – bass (Black Market Radio)

You can get more info on Debra and Devi (and some free downloads!) at and make sure you check out the Rock and Roll Report Podcasts # 53 and 54! Get Free is available digitally from iTunes, eMusic, Napster etc. Or buy the album at CD Baby by clicking on the CD below.

DEVI: Get Free

Deb endorses DR Strings and Daisy Rock Guitars.

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photo credits: Guzman (2,3,4,5,10), Lily Benjamin (1,6) and Bob Schaffer (7,9)

4 replies on “Women Who Rock – The Triple R Girl for September is Yogini and Guitar Slinger Debra From Devi”

Ahhh! The sexy side of Devi…no disrespect to the fellas in the band… y’all pretty too (lol). I finally got a chance to see her band live after wearing out their cd. Believe me when I say, she’s not just another pretty face fronting a band, homegirl has mad skills on the guitar.

An immensely talented and knowledgeable guitarist, accomplished music journalist and published author to boot…and I get to call her my friend…she’s da shit yo (lol). So, don’t lunch on seeing Devi live. I’m looking forward to seeing them in Philly soon (hint, hint).

(insert shameless plug)
Also, check out her book “Language of Blues”. its a fun easy read about music slang and its origins.


Thank you for featuring this rock goddess. She deserves all the kudos she gets for her guitar skillz!

(shooting some horns for Debra & Devi)

I had the pleasure of meeting Deb in person earlier this year! I’ve never experienced anything like her….not only a talented musician and author but a genuine person with such a strong personality! I’m so glad to see that she is being featured this month! If this woman and Devi on the cover of Rolling Stone somewhere down the line, I’ll be sorely disappointed in the world of music! Keep on rockin’!

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