Working My Fingertips To the Bone

In this day and age of illegal downloading, iTunes and Napster 2.0 and the continuing debate over the fate of technologies like MP3 and AAC, there is one simple fact that gets lost in the shuffle. There is a lot of good, free, perfectly legal music out there available for downloading right now. And you don’t need an iPod or Rio to enjoy it. This fact was made perfectly clear when I checked out the website Fingertips which bills itself as “An intelligent guide to free and legal music on the web.” What is their definition of intelligent? They consider music to be intelligent that is “produced with discrimination and spirit.” Ok that leaves things quite wide open but website operator Jeremy Schlosberg seems to be up to the task as I downloaded stuff from Steve Wynn, Tom Waits, Pete Townsend and Death Cab for Cutie that I would probably not have otherwise. A great idea that looks like it could be a real help for those trying to go legit. I especially like their smaller record labels with MP3s section. All in all this site looks to be growing weekly and I recommend you check it out regularly. Don’t be afraid to offer suggestions but it doesn’t look like at this time Fingertips is too concerned with unsigned bands so make sure your suggestions are on a label somewhere. They also have a blog located here. Good stuff.

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