You can be the next Danny Partridge

I read an article recently on MSN talking about how VH1 has rebounded from a ratings slump and is suddenly cool and I suppose that is interesting but what really caught my eye was the tidbit that they are planning on remaking The Partridge Family! Not only that, they are planning a competition to be hosted over 6 months to audition for cast members which itself will be filmed for a reality series! I loved The Partridge Family when I was a kid. I’ll never forget though a couple of years ago when my wife and I found out that it was being repeated late at night on some channel at the time. We thought that this was so cool so we taped a bunch of episodes for a lazy Saturday morning trip down memory lane. The funny thing was, after about halfway through the first episode we realized that “you can’t go back home again” as it just wasn’t the same as the memories we had carried around all these years. I still think Laurie Partridge was hot though.
UPDATE! David Cassidy himself will be on the show! Weird but true.