You can send me Dead Flowers every morning

In my quest to search out the best in rock and roll resources, one site and newsletter is continuously spoken of in hushed, reverential whispers. “You must read Dead Flowers” they murmur. “It is the true path to rock and roll salvation” they exclaim excitedly. Ok, I’m exaggerating just a little bit but there is no denying that Dead Flowers is an excellent and highly rated rock and roll e Zine which you should all subscribe to. They focus on “obsessive excavations of music, culture and other tangents concerning rock’n’roll, its ancestors and offshoots, in all their many varieties. We are not purists, ideologues, taste-tyrants, or anything other than open-minded music lovers and record collectors who want to share a serious passion for wild, soulful sounds with anyone who wants to listen.” Reading this site will not only take you down numerous forks in the rock and roll path, but you will never be so happy at being lost!