Rock Biz

You have been warned!

All right all you file traders out there, get ready for one hell of a September. According to “Music Pirates, You’re Sunk” from Business Week Online, the RIAA have you in their sites and they are ready to pull the trigger. Look, if you really need the music, in my humble opinion buy it legit and support the major label bands you like with your wallet. Then contact those very same bands and express your outrage/disgust/mild displeasure at the tactics of the RIAA while perhaps suggesting some fan friendly alternatives that they might want to consider. I don’t think file trading should be the issue that you have with the RIAA when there are so many other anti-music fan initiatives they and their members are currently engaged in (like their attack on small webcasters, control of record distribution, yadda yadda yadda). I would also be more concerned with the restrictions being placed on our rights to fair use of the CDs and movies that we buy. Just my 2 cents, which is about all I’ve got on me!