2 Cents with Chuck Dimaria

Antimusic is now featuring the rants of Chuck Dimaria on its website and his rant about Britney Spears and lip-synching is dead on. Luckily for those of us who still believe in real, honest to goodness live rock and roll we have no illusions about what a live concert is supposed to be about. Rock and roll is as much about bum notes and drunken on-stage behavior as it is about music and that’s not necessarily always a bad thing. It’s all part of the territory and of course completely dependant on who you are seeing. Of course, after paying 300 bucks to see the Rolling Stones I don’t suppose I’d be too happy to see Ronnie Wood staggering around in a drunken stupor or Mick Jagger forgetting lyrics. With Keef that’s a whole other story of course (although I must be fair in saying that last night I saw a bit of The Rolling Stones – Four Flicks playing for the first time on a plasma screen TV at the local mall and the boys were spot on, they sounded fantastic). If you want predictable family entertainment watch TV. Caveat emptor.