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The Rock and Roll Radio Spotlight is on: WHVW 950 AM, Poughkeepsie New York

Billed as “the last independent, locally owned radio station in the Hudson Valley”, WHVW AM features two great radio shows. The first is the Curt Roberts Get Together every morning from 6:00 to 9:00 (10:00 on Thursdays) featuring the great garage collector Curt Roberts playing amazing rock and roll from the 50s and 60s. The second is broadcast Monday to Friday from 15:00 – 18:00 and is called (I love this) “The Pirate Joe Country Music Radio Show and Old Blues and R&B Extravaganzo” which gives new meaning to the word “eclectic.” All great radio that unfortunately doesn’t stream on the ‘Net but if you ever are in Poughkeepsie make sure that you tune in. You might never want to leave! My hats off to these true lovers of radio at WHVW. They are unfortunately getting harder and harder to come by.


Number 65 in the list of articles asking the question “Has rock and roll become irrelevant?”

Here we go again. Another article asking the same question and of course I have to talk about it. This article on titled “Has rock and roll become irrelevant?” is actually from last October and is quite well written using “The Last DJ” by Tom Petty as a springboard in describing all that ails rock and roll. I’m not disputing the fact that mainstream radio sucks, the record labels for the most part are more interested in the bottom line than over good music of any style and the fact that rock and roll is certainly not as popular in a general sense as it once was but I like to look at things from the “glass half full” kind of perspective. Every week I post about another very cool, usually independent record label putting out cool rock and roll made today. Every week I highlight at least one radio station or radio show pumping out cool rock and roll sounds from today and yesterday that keep the music vibrant and alive. Last but not least I talk about all kinds of cool rock and roll bands still making great rock and roll week in and week out. Now is all this stuff popular or “relevant”? Well that depends on how you define “popular” first of all. No, quality rock and roll by it’s very nature doesn’t appeal to the lowest common musical denominator, or to the American Idol loving, Brittany obsessed, Janet’s boob rules masses since it requires a spirit of musical adventure but so what. Any genre of music, be it rock and roll, blues, reggae or bluegrass can survive outside the glare of the local Enormodome’s spotlights and not only thrive but survive if people want it to. Popularity has nothing to do with the amount of units shifted (although sales like it or not are necessary for any musician, label or radio station to make a living but then again everything is relative. Selling a million records on a major record label versus selling 10,000 on a small indie label carry two totally different meanings with the indie musician arguably more popular and “successful” than the major label artist after the accountants have a go at things). Being popular does not also equate with being good. Justin Timberlake is popular. The Dirtbombs are good. And relevancy is such a loaded term. I would have no problem arguing that the people going to see The High Dials, or The A-Sides, or The Shazaam consider their music to be more personally relevant than the average fan at a Clay Aikman concert (look him up). I think that the days of rock and roll ruling the planet as the sole musical force for rebellious teenagers are sadly over but I prefer the current reality in that those that buy cool rock and roll records and go see cool rock and roll bands while supporting cool local record stores and cool indie record labels are more interested in what is good than in what is popular and at the end of the day, the music is better for it. Instead of moaning over what is wrong with the music industry, focus in on what is right and support it. Buy your next batch of indie records from an indie record store, go see cool rock and roll in smaller clubs and support that amazing radio station that you listen to on the ‘Net with a couple of your hard earned bucks. All you will have to show for it will be some amazing times listening to amazing music and that is more than enough by me and the thousands of other people that listen to this stuff every day. Real rock and roll thanks you and that is why rock and roll is not only still relevant to those of us who love real rock and roll, it is a necessary antidote to all that is crap in music today and in this day and age we need all the rock and roll we can possibly muster. The job of those of us who really care for rock and roll is to publicize it, write about it, talk about it and play it to as many of those ignorant of its existence as we possibly can. Will this make it more relevant? Perhaps. Will this make people happier? Definitely. Will this cure the world’s ills? Well, it couldn’t hurt. Really.

Live Rock and Roll

It’s a Mod, Mod World

If you love all things mod (and who doesn’t) then there are not one but two upcoming Mod festivals that will goose your Vespa. The first takes place in London on the last weekend in May. Called MODSTOCK (40 years of Modernist Culture), it will feature cool bands from all around the world, DJs spinning fab mod tunes, a fashion show featuring that stylish mod clothing you love so well, art and photography exhibits, a huge marketplace and a scooter competition! Plus the fact that it takes place in London just makes the experience that much better. Full details can be found at the New Untouchables site. The second event is ModChicago taking place in, well you guessed it Chicago from June 10-12th. Another bunch of amazing bands, DJs, garage sale and swap meet and another scooter competition make this a great alternative for those who can’t make it to London since Chicago in the summertime is an amazing place to visit. Full details on ModChicago can be found at the ModChicago website. Polish up those Lambrettas!

Odds & Sods

The Beatles are the best of the worst!

That’s right, The Beatles, which many consider the sacred cow of rock and roll was voted the dumbest band name in rock and roll according to Guitar One magazine. Limp Bizkit came in second. I cannot believe that Wang Chung did not make the list! Remember them? Everybody wang chung tonight….

Artists and Bands

Now this is rock and roll! The A-Sides

Personally recommended by the legendary Jon “Mojo” Mills of Shindig Magazine fame, The A-Sides are Philadelphia’s answer to rock and roll nirvana. Download “Seeing Suzy” from their site (make sure your pop-up blocker is off) and get ready to smile since the A-Sides are absolutely great! More great rock and roll from a young new band. How good is that?

Odds & Sods

And the envelope please….

Well the Oscars are over but if you are looking for some awards that really matter then PopBang, one of my radio shows of the week last November out of Portugal has posted their BaNgBaNg 2003 awards. If you haven’t heard of some of this stuff you better get yourself to your local neighborhood record store right now! And without further ado, take it away PopBaNg…

1. ‘Photograhs & Tidalwaves’ – HOLLAND (Tooth & Nail)
2. ‘Forever And Today’ – THE RICHIES (PopBoomerang)
3. ‘All The People Some Of The Time’ – THE JTG IMPLOSION (Not Lame)
4. ‘Catch-22’ – TOOTHPASTE 2000 (Parasol)
5. ‘Brilliant’ – THE FLASHCUBES (Northside)
6. Go Steady’ – MAXTONE FOUR
7. ‘Million Dollar Rock’ – THE MILLION$ (Million Dollar)
8. ‘Skindeep’ – THE FORRESTERS (Tom Thumb)
9. ‘The Junior Panthers’ – THE JUNIOR PANTHERS (The First Time)
10. ‘Hotsocky’ – HOTSOCKY (Billtownusa)
11. ‘There’s This Girl’ – LOVETAP
12. ‘Bang! Bang! Bang!’ – THE ROMAN CANDLES
13. ‘Permission To Build’ – WALTHAM (Traktor7)
14. ‘Moonraker’ – THE WES HOLLYWOOD SHOW
15. ‘The Finger’ – MOLLY (Idol Records)
16. ‘I Was Accident’ – TRUE LOVE (Not Lame)
17. ‘Another Vivid Scene’ – CRASH INTO JUNE (Craven Hill)
18. ‘Stellastar*’ – STELLASTAR* (RCA)
19. ‘The Town We Loved In’ – SHOWBAG (ZIP)
20. ‘Last Chance Dance’ – TROLLEY (Easter)

1. ‘I’ll Be Here Awake’ – ARTHUR YORIA (12 Records)
2. ‘The Million Dollar Milshake’ – MARK BACINO (Parasol)
3. ‘Summer City’ – DANNY MCDONALD (ZIP)
4. ‘Get The Picture’ – SCOTT SUDBURY (Bad Motor Scooter)
5. ‘Volume IV’ – JOE JACKSON BAND (Rykodisc)
6. ‘More Juice’ – ADAM POWER (Laughing Outlaw)
7. ‘The Wild Horse’ – CHRIS VON SNEIDERN
8. ‘Perfect Dream’ – BOBBY SUTLIFF (Not Lame)
9. ‘Kingsrdworks’ – MICHAEL CARPENTER & Kings Road (Not Lame)
10. ‘Dog Dreams’ – ROBERT CRENSHAW (Gadfly)
11. ‘King Of Missouri’ – ANTON BARBEAU (Woronzow)
12. ‘Quadraphonic Deluxe’ – BRIAN JAY CLINE
13. ‘Lone Star’ – BRADY HARRIS (Lampshade)
14. ‘Get This Started’ – FULLER (CandyZone)
15. ‘Rockstars & Superheroes’ – ADAM MCINTYRE (Headphone Treats)
16. ‘Pop Dreams’ – JEREMY (JAM)
17. ‘Perfumed Letter’ – BILL MALLONEE (Paste)
18. ‘Idiot Wisdom’ – RAY MASON BAND (Captivating Music)
19. ‘Elephant Garden’ – TERRY EASON (JAM)
20. ‘Our Little Secret’ – MICHAEL HEATON (Artichoke)

1. ‘The Nice Outfit’ – THE NICE OUTFIT (Easter)
2. ‘7Teen’ – NOISECANDY (Complete Music)
3. ‘This is the Bricks’ – BIG BULDINGS (Stars/No Stars)
4. ‘New Rock Pop Sensation’ – STATIC RADIO
5. ‘Overachever’ – LOUDEN SWAIN (Car Wreckchords)
6. ‘The 11Th Hour’ – THE TINT (Primary Voltage)
7. ‘De Novo Dahl’ – DE NOVO DAHL (Bebox)
8. ‘Stance’ – THE FINKERS (Popboomerang)
9. ‘Stage One’ – MARIZANE (Vibra-Phonic)
10. ‘Pilot County Suite’ – MODEL ROCKETS
11. ‘The Glamour Traxx’ – SWINDLE-A-GO-GO
12. ‘Oxbridge Boys’ – ACEFACE
13. ‘Je Suis Un Baseball Bat vs. Skull’ – IPANEMA (Boss Tuneage)
14. ‘Live A Little’ – M.A.S.S.
15. ‘Gotta Get It’ – THE NICE DEVICE
16. ‘Consumption’ – TOBY SLATER
17. ‘The Far Away Sunshine Is The Guiding Light of My New Religion – BOY
GENIUS (Mother Tongue)
18. ‘Friends & Fender – THE LOCH NESS MOUSE (Perfect Pop)
19. ‘The Holidays’ – THE HOLIDAYS
20. ‘Trouser Load Of Love’ – THE MOD-EST LADS

1. ‘The Mindbending Sounds Of…’ – THE CHESTERFIELD KINGS (Sundazed)
2. ‘Salt For Zombies’ – THE FUZZTONES (SIN)
3. ‘Gotta Get Out!’ – THE GOLDSTARS (Pravda)
4. ‘Career Objective’ – THE METHADONES (Stardumb)
5. ‘Only Souvenirs’ – BAREFOOT (Boss Tuneage)
6. ‘End of Apathy’ – THE REVOLVERS (People Like You)
7. ‘Tales Of Discontent’ – KICK JONESES (Boss Tuneage)
8. ‘You’re Only Making It Worse’ – RENO DIVORCE (Boss Tuneage)
9. ‘The Buzz Electric’ – THE APERS (Stardumb)
10. ‘The Roolettes’ – THE ROOLETTES (BlueFire)
11. ‘Seven And Seven’ – THE PUT-ONS\DEADBEAT SINATRA (Basement)
12. It’s Not What You Say.It’s How You Say It’ – THE COMMERCIALS
13. ‘Bankrupt’ – THE SNOT ROCKETS (Boss Tuneage)
14. ‘Retro’ – BEN GRIM (Boss Tuneage)
15. ‘Escape From Suburbia’ – RANSOM (TFR Music)
16. ‘Complete The Grin’ – THE MIXELPRICKS (Boss Tuneage)
17. ‘Celebrate Mistakes’ – NUMBER ONE GUN (Floodgate)
18. ‘Donald Moore’ – HURRY-UP OFFENSE (Aristocracy)
19. ‘Lunacy & Devastation’ – THE HEARTACHES (People Like You)
20. ‘Blame It On The Kids!’ – THE DISKORDS (Vinyl Warning)

1. ‘And.The Winnerys’ – THE WINNERYS (Rock Indiana)
2. ‘4’ – LA HABITACION ROJA (Gelmar\Astro)
3. ‘Si Yo te Contara’ – CECILIA ANN (Intromusica)
4. ‘Gran Confort’ – MR SNOID (Rock Indiana)
5. ‘Bubblegum’ – BUBBLEGUM (Snap!!)
6. ‘Protones’ – PROTONES (Rock Indiana)
7. ‘All The Children Sing By’ – GURUS (Bip bip)
8. ‘Were Right’ – FORTUNE TELLERS (Animal)
9. ‘Tangerine Shot’ – PETER COLOURS (Bip bip)
10. ‘Teletransportador’ – BABY HORROR (Subterfuge)

1. ‘Planet Of The Popboomerang’ (Popboomerang)
2. ‘International Pop Overthrow Vol. 6’ (Not Lame)
3. ‘The European Pop Punk Virus Vol.2’ (Stardumb)
4. ‘Pop Scenes From Perth’ (ZIP)
5. ‘Shake Yer Popboomerang’ (Popboomerang)
6. ‘Serving The Best In Rock And Roll’ (Peephole)
7. ‘Lost Weekend 2003 : Volume 2’ (Laughing Outlaw)
8. ‘Dirtnap Across The Northwest’ (Dirtnap)
9. ‘Where The Bad Boys Rock Vol. II’ (People Like You)
10. ‘Agropp Now! Vol. I & II’ (Liberty)

1. ‘So You Want To Be A Rock’N’Roll Star’ – VVAA (K.O.G.A)
2. ‘We’re A Happy Family: A Tribute To Ramones’ – VVAA (Columbia)
3. ‘Dream Tonight: A Tribute To Cheap Trick’ – VVAA (Shark Bite)
4. ‘A Tribute To Enuff Znuff’ – VVAA (Smash)
5. ‘Yesterday, Today and Forever’ – JEREMY (JAM)
6. ‘After Hours: A Tribute To The Music Of Lou Reed’ – VVAA (Wampus)
7. ‘Every Word : A Tribute To Let’s Active’ – VVAA (Laughing Outlaw)
8. ‘A Fair Forgery Of Pink Floyd’ – VVAA (Stanley)
9. ‘Too Much Time On Our Hands: A Styx Tribute Album’ – VVAA (Salt Lady)
10. ‘Le Touriste Rebusca En El Desvan De La Nueva Ola’ – VVAA

REISSUES. or anything back from the past
1. ‘Jungle Of Eyes’ – THE REVILLOS (Captain Oi!)
2. ‘The Original Recordings: 1983-1984’ – KATRINA & THE WAVES
3. ‘Long Live The New Flesh’ – FLESH FOR LULU (Superfecta)
4. ‘Perfect World Radio’ – HAWKS (Not Lame)
5. ‘Teenage Neon Jungle’ – CANDY (SongTree)
6. ‘Code Blue’ – CODE BLUE (Rhino Handmade)
7. ‘L.A. Explosion!’ – THE LAST (Bomp!)
8. ‘Walking In The Shadow Of The Big Man/Jamboree’ – GUADALCANAL DIARY
9. ‘Goodbye September’ – THE DEAL (Not Lame)
10. ‘Time Machine; 1982-2002’ – THE WINDBREAKERS (The Paisley Pop Label)
11. ‘Want One’ – THE BROKEN HEARTS (The Paisley Pop Label)
12. ‘The Sound Of Leamington Spa, Volume 3’ – VVAA (Firestation Tower)
13. ‘Mushroom Soup: The Citadel Years’ – THE STEMS (Citadel)
14. ‘Shake Some Action Vol.7 USA’ – VVAA (Shake Some Action)
15. ‘Concrete’ – 999 (Captain Oi!)
16. ‘Different\Walking Shadows’ – DOGS (Mercury)
17 . ‘Cafe Istambul’ – THE MAD TURKS FROM ISTAMBUL (Snap!!)
18. ‘Gas Food Lodging\Green On Red’ – GREEN ON RED (Restless)
19. ‘Revisited’ – COWBOYS INTERNATIONAL (Pnuma)
20. ‘Tales From The Australian Underground : Singles 1976 – 1989’ – VVAA

If you think all this is just too cool check out the blogs for both the BangBang Radio show and the Retropop Radio Show for more excellent rock and roll tips to add to your “to buy” list. Great stuff as usual from Carlos the man!

Record Labels

The Rock and Roll Report Record Label Spotlight is on: Career Records

I originally discovered Career Records through an e-mail posted to an e-list I can’t remember announcing the March release of Denis Tek and Scott Morgan Three Assassins, what looks like a cool 3 guitar rock and roll assault recorded live in France and Italy. Further investigation revealed another very cool rock and roll record label that features “music to burn your eye and melt your mind.” Spearheaded by Ron Sanchez and Deniz Tek, Career Records is another cool, yet small rock and roll label making music the right way. You can sign up to their newsletter or better yet visit their website and buy something, anything since it all looks cool. I love this stuff!

Rock History

R.I.P. Estelle Stewart Axton of Stax Records

Estelle Stewart Axton, the “AX” in “STAX Records” passed away last Tuesday at the age of 85 in Memphis. As co-founder of Stax Records with her brother James Stewart, Stax Records brought us the immortal Otis Redding, the exciting Sam and Dave, the ultra-cool Wilson Pickett, Isaac “Shaft” Hayes and dozens more amazing sounds that rivaled Motown in quality and influence. Another rock and roll legend (let’s not argue semantics) passes on. R.I.P. Estelle and thanks for the music.

Artists and Bands

Country Fried Jet?

According to, Jet are currently writing the follow-up to the great “Get Born” album and they are thinking that maybe, just maybe there will be a country feel to the new album since touring with The Sleepy Jackson has started to affect their sound. “Is it a country a western album? Well, becoming friends with The Sleepy Jackson and listening to The Beach Boys has really affected our sound”, revealed (drummer Chris) Cester to XFM.” I think this would be cool although I’m hoping there will be more Gram Parsons than John Denver in this possible new direction. Time will tell. Looking forward to seeing Jet and The Vines on tour this month.

Rock Biz

The 5-Dollar Solution?

An interesting article on Wired talks about a proposal by the Electronic Frontier Foundation to levy a $5 dollar monthly surcharge on all file sharers to be distributed to all copyright holders much like the system used in terrestrial broadcast radio. Of course the RIAA dismissed the whole idea but you can almost see the music industry evolving right before our eyes while the bigwigs continue to furiously try to make themselves relevant before they are completely replaced. Is this the answer? Perhaps but it certainly couldn’t hurt to try it. I suspect that this whole issue lends itself to multiple solutions coming from multiple angles and this is a good first one to try out. The key is to keep an open mind, something I am sure the entrenched interests aren’t too keen to do. The lawyers are making out like bandits though.