Record Labels

The Rock and Roll Report Record Label Spotlight is on Sound Effect Records

Yesterdaysthoughts From the land that gave us Aristotle comes a brand new cool Greek record label called Sound Effect Records and for their first release they have something that will warm the Christmas stockings of every psychedelic garage punk lover out there. “Let’s Take a Ride With…” by Yesterday’s Thoughts is a cool collection of psychedelic garage rock tunes with 15 originals and two extra cuts featuring legendary member of The Seeds Sky “Sunlight” Saxon on vocals! Yesterday’s Thoughts are a Greek band that have been enthusiastically recievd at a number of Greek garage festivals and it looks like they have finally found a label that will give them the attention they deserve. Formed in Athens, Greece in 1996, the band currently features Dimitris Megedisidis on farfisa and vocals, Spyros Megentisdis on guitar and vocals, Lefteris Galanis on bass and Giorgos Vagiatlakis on drums. Sound Effect also distributes a fine range of other great rock and roll titles including great neo-garage, psych, prog, surf, punk and alternative from the contemporary Greek rock scene as well as some cool stuff from Spain and all kinds of english language fanzines and vintage non-Greek releases. I’m telling ya I’m going to have to visit both Spain and Greece soon as they have some really amazing and cool rock and roll going on there!

Rock on Film

The True Story of Gimme Shelter

I never believed in all that “Altamount was the death of the sixties generation” crap. Altamount was a poorly organized attempt to capitalize on the success of Woodstock, an event incidentally that wasn’t exactly run on incense and peppermints itself. That being said, one was a colossal success while the other was an abysmal failure and if you want to read a fascinating article about Altamount and the filming of Gimme Shelter then check out Gimme Shelter: The True Story. Wild stuff to be sure.

Rock Radio 2.0

A Rock and Roll Gift Guide Courtesy of Sound Opinions

Tonight on WXRT 93.1 Chicago at 10.00 PM, the excellent radio show Sound Opinions (“the world’s only rock ‘n roll talk show”) will feature great books, box sets and DVD gift ideas just in time for Christmas. A good listen that could come in handy for that rock and roll fanatic you don’t know what to buy for. If you miss the stream tonight you can listen to the show later on their archives page.

Odds & Sods

The Rock and Roll Report Site Spotlight is on Progressive World

As I continue my re-aquaintence with progressive music and investigate the new bands that are out there, I have discovered some pretty cool progressive rock websites. One of these is Progressive World. Sites like this go to show that there is a lot of amazng stuff out there that you may not be aware of and sites like Progressive World are a good place to start if you want to see what’s up. I really enjoyed the A Day at the Indies series. Great stuff.

Artists and Bands

Dave Mustaine’s Day of Reckoning

It seems that the death of Dimebag Darrell has caused Dave Mustaine a bit of soul searching with him coming to the conclusion that life is too short to be an asshole.

“Over my career I have a lot of cleaning up to do on my side of the street as well as letting things go, for once and for all; I need to apologize to many people and also to forgive and quit holding grudges.”

I for one take this for what it is. A guy who realizes that there are some things too important in life to take for granted. My hats of to Dave for coming to this realization. I believe that this is something we should all take to heart.


What in the hell is going on?

Is it me or is the world going nuts? Right after the Dimebag Darrell murder comes news that former Iron Maiden front man Paul Di’Anno was attacked on stage at a heavy metal festival in Israel. I could be wrong but I don’t believe that bands being physically attacked on stage has happened that often in the past and now with the tragedy of last week fresh in our minds is there going to be a bunch of lunatics enacting copycat crimes for the publicity? Remember when the only danger a band faced on stage was firecrackers, beer bottles and over-excited teenyboppers? Am I overreacting? Please tell me that I am.

Rock History

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees Announced

Just in case you consider this important, the 2005 inductees to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame have been announced.
They are:

Percy Sledge
The O’Jays
Buddy Guy
The Pretenders

Those nominated but not inducted were:

J. Geils Band
Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five
Wanda Jackson
Randy Newman
Conway Twitty
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Gram Parsons
Patti Smith

I actually think the physical Rock and Roll Hall of Fame building is pretty cool in a Disneyesque kind of way but we all know that any attempts at trying to immortalize and categorize rock and roll in this way is bound to fail since the primary criteria for entrance to the Hall of Fame is record sales for the most part. Granted inducting the Ramones goes against the grain but look at the people behind the Hall of Fame and you will realize that they probably don’t get many of their records from Norton or Bomp! I always considered this stuff frivolous but fun. I don’t get up in arms over the whole thing, I just go along with it in the moment and then move on to the latest releases from Elephant Stone or Fastlane Records or some other cool, small indie label for my real rock and roll fix. That being said, I actually like the inductees and most of those that didn’t “make the cut” but I would appreciate it if somebody could clue me in on what Conway Twitty’s role was in rock and roll history. Thanks.

Live Rock and Roll

Check Out The Birth of Cool on New Year’s Eve

If you are looking for a good time on New Year’s Eve (relax, not that kind of good time!) and you happen to be in LA you might want to check out The Birth of Cool. Check out these details:

Friday Dec. 31st 9pm-6am
– – Free champagne and party favors at midnight
– – 2 huge rooms with a 1000 person capacity
– – 6 Bathrooms
– – Outside smoking area
– – Secured Scooter Parking
– – Open til 6am!
– – Filmed and rebroadcasted on the Web!

5 of the very best Garage, Power Pop, Soul and Psych BANDS Performing live on stage!
15 of the best Soul, Garage, Power Pop and Mod DJ’s spinning the best of all things stompin, hip n cool!

Featuring the bands:

THE MORLOCKS One of the most electrifying bands in LA will be dropping an unforgettable set that should be nothing less then amazing! Come see Leighton and the boys deliver a New Year’s Eve performance that will last way into 2005!

THE MOJO FILTERS The Mojo’s sound is comprised of early 60’s R&B, soul and garage textured with a modern feel. Curtis Mayfield, Small Faces, The Yardbirds, Otis Redding: these bands are but a few of the influences that can be heard in the Mojo Filters.

TH’ LOSIN’ STREAKS One of N. Cal. most talked about bands make the trip south for Birth Of The Cool! Th’ Losin’ Streaks are like a Garage Rock supergroup featuring members of the Trouble Makers, Sunshine Smile, Daisy Spot and Black Dahilas!

THE LOST AND FOUND The Lost & Found play sunshine pop that’s not afraid to be moody and reflective and the Beatle-esque melodies seethe with the same brash delivery as the Jam. This is a must see band for sure!

SILVER SUNSHINE From San Diego come Silver Sunshine with a sound that can best be described as a schizophrenic blend of dark freak pop that will flow effortlessly right through you! Don’t miss this innovative band with a sound that is oh so original!

And the DJs:

DORIAN (Transistor) A driving force behind the bi-monthy Thursday night sensation, Transistor, Dorian knows everything about all things mod and expect to hear just that!

CHRIS GRIFFITHS (Transistor) Chris is known for his deep collection of 60’s gems and without doubt will be setting the mood into the late hours for one New Years Eve party that shall be remembered for years to come!

SUE DAVIS (Fuzz Club, TX) Sue has an impeccable collection of 70’s Power Pop, Garage, Beat, Bubblegum and Soul and with a collection as extensive as hers you can be sure your gonna hear nothing but the best while she’s behind the tables!

DAN ELECTRO ( Club Au Go Go) Dan Electro is the co-founder of the popular Club Au Go Go monthly and has an impressive collection of 60’s Garage and Soul that always ensures maximum floor response when he’s on the decks!

GEORGE RODRIGUEZ (Angel City Soul Club) George was the co-founder of the Angel City Soul monthly and has one of the deepest soul collections in the city and always has the floor packed with his deep knowledge of all things that make you move!

SOULSHAKER (The Bullet) Bullet creator Soulshaker will light up the floor with all things stomping and crackin’ with nothing but top shelf northern movers and 60’s power pop shakers to keep you grooving non-stop!

TAMI (Petrol) Tami is a full on aficionado of all things power pop from 1965 – 1982 so you can be sure with knowledge like this and her absolute pure talent behind the tables, everyone will be on the dance floor guaranteed!

ANDY COBB (The Bullet) One of The Bullets favorite DJ’s will bring his sound to Birth Of The Cool with his brilliant sets that fuse just enough soul and funk to create a sound all his own! Get ready for a peak hour set that will be full on soul funk magic!

RILEY MORE (BFD, The Bullet) Riley has always delivered on every occasion and if you have not heard this girl spin then be prepared to hear nothing but super solid floor moving stompers that will make it nearly impossible for you to get off the dance floor!

MR. SOUL SATISFACTION (Vegas Shuffle) This man is a huge collector of Northern Soul & Funk 45’s (Late 60s, early 70s) and has one of the best collections around and we got him for Birth Of The Cool!

LEE JOESEPH (Dionysus Records, Vegas Rockaround) What a special treat is to have this man on board for Birth Of The Cool! Lee has what it takes to give you all you want when it comes to spinning the best British beat, Freakbeat, Psych, mod and Britpop!

MIKE STAX AND ANJA STAX (The Loons, Hipsters, SD) Mike is an Ex-Member of the legendary Tell Tale Hearts and lead singer of The Loons. He makes the trip up from San Diego for a rare LA DJ set along with Anja, who is the Club Founder of Hipsters in San Diego. This is a rare appearance you don’t want to miss!

DJ POWDER(Transistor, Definitley Maybe) How can New Years be complete without DJ Powder schooling us all with his wicked selections of nothing but the best when it comes to being everything hip & everything cool!

JASON RINGGOLD (The New Untouchables, SF) Jason is one of the founding memebers of SF’s The New Untouchables and The Birth Of the Cool couldn’t ask for a better representation from the north as Jason will delight us all with nothing but pure crackin’ ultra mod gems!

Full Bar w/ID – 18/over – $20 2619 East 8th St., LA CA 90023

Sounds amazing. Check out their website for all the details.

Rock Radio 2.0

The Rock and Roll Report Radio Spotlight is on Lucky Dog Radio

For those of us who harken back to the glories of freefrom radio, the pickings are slim in this Clear Channel dominated radio landscape, although that is slowly changing thanks to the Internet and satellite radio thank God (and if you have been reading this site at all you know that there is lots of great rock and roll radio to be had). That’s why it is so nice to come upon a radio show that picks up from where the likes of KSAN and their late ‘60s compatriots left off. Lucky Dog Radio is a very cool weekly 2 – 4 hour slice of freeform radio heaven available for streaming each week through the fine folks at Live 365. Jon has been doing Lucky Dog Radio going on four years now and he stresses that he is trying to produce radio the old fashioned way, with care and an understanding that good radio is an artform. As Jon describes it himself:

“Lucky Dog is a freeform music program featuring both new and old music, and although I start from a rock and roll base, I mix styles and genres that range all over the musical universe. Each weekend I put together a new show (usually 2 hours long, but sometimes 3 or 4), record it onto my computer and load it up to the Web. There are always two programs available for folks to listen to 24/7, and each weekend I rotate in another show.”

The latest show is his Lucky Dog Christmas Spectacular with loads of cool and obscure Christmas stuff to listen to. After that comes the “2004 review” looking back at all the releases that made the Lucky Dog happy. Very cool stuff for those of us looking for a fun radio experience. Ya that’s right, radio can be fun! Check it out.

Odds & Sods

Celebrities who have experienced homelessness

Now I know how difficult it is to maintain a website. It’s a lot of work. That’s why this site that details noted individuals who have experienced homelessness just freaks me right out. How the hell do you (a) decide to do this and (b) keep up the motivation to continue it? Weird but cool in a sick sort of way. Have a great weekend everybody!