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As I sit here typing in Rock and Roll Report HQ (or as my wife prefers to call it our spare bedroom) the temperature is approximately 500 degrees Celcius and the air conditioner has given up the ghost. With weather this hot, I have come to two conclusions: (1) Human sweat does not mix well when dripped into a computer keyboard and (2) Brevity is a neccessity if you want to combat heat stroke. So keeping that in mind, there will be some posts to the site later on tonight after the sun goes down and the office is safe again for human habitation. Until then, I will retire to the basement and a Pina Colada.

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Hey everybody! Sorry for the lack of stuff this week but my new day job had me otherwise occupied and I just couldn’t check my e-mails or work on the site but fear not as The Rock and Roll Report will return to its regularly scheduled summer programming next week. On tap are the latest albums from the A-Sides and the High Dials, further adventures in community radio by yours truly (with a possible interesting announcement), some more informative Music Dish articles for all you musicians out there, a Gratefull Dead book review and the usual assortment of rock and roll fun and mayhem. Until then enjoy the weekend and while you’re walking around soaking up the rays stop in at a local indie record store to see what they have on tap.

Reviews and Suggestions

Paul Spencer – “The Whole Shebang” (Independent)

Pspencer Wearing influences as diverse as the Beatles, the Kinks and Bob Dylan to the Ramones, Replacements and Pixies proudly on his sleeve, Paul Spencer’s “The Whole Shebang” is chock-full of screaming Richenbackers and Les Pauls, great melodic riffs and vocals that would make Iggy proud. Highlight tracks for me include “We Don’t Give a Damn”, “Walk Away Christie” and “The Whole Shebang” but really the whole album is a great rock and roll blast that demands to be played at high volume. Paul Spencer and his band deserve your support not only becauss they rock out but because they rock out with conviction. The two are not always a part of rock and roll these days so when they are you want to make sure the musicians know it. Great stuff.

Rock Biz

The Indie News Beat for the week of June 20, 2005


June 20, 2005 Edition

* Independent Movie Taps Into Independent Music

* Dress Code "Sonic Boom EP" Downloads Available Now!

* Blow Up Hollywood Releases New CD Stars End

* Vonmodik’s Debut Album Released!

* Music Of Pucka Kayuba On Cdigix & Ruckus Network

* "Dance" By The Neurons Is Released In May By Lakefront Records

* Groove Pocket Ranks 16th Out Of 260 Acts On Radio Crystal Blue

* CPU Records, A New Resource For New Artists

* Go Global With AmpHeadMusic

* Gorillaz Limited Edition Album Unlocks New Secrets On Website

Independent Movie Taps Into Independent Music

Enter Gus. A hitman sent from Chicago to either whack Alphie or let him go. The order will come on the café payphone, affixed to a wall only 10 feet from where Alphie sips his coffee.

Alphie, straightening his flatware as he folds the Buffalo News, looks up. "Gus." he says. "Alphie," Gus replies, "Mind if I sit down?" As if he needed to ask.

Cue music.

But the new independent feature from White Lightning Productions won’t feature the usual fare of expected Mafia music or top popular hits, "Waiting on Alphie," slated for a Fall 2005 release, has complied a diverse and eclectic soundtrack to punctuate the original script.

"As we began editing this movie," said writer-director Kevin Hicks, "we realized we had a very unusual and different kind of hitman story unfolding. Working with various artists from across the country allowed us to fill in the background with a wide array of styles that adds to the overall feel of the picture."

Music like the country/punk strum and twang of Ohio’s B.J. O’Malley or the metal thrashing of 36 Hours or the trance-like melodies from La Cacahouette, both from Buffalo, New York, where the movie takes place. The soundtrack, which often emits from an antique café radio includes Wayne Garard from Detroit, The Blackwater Project from Columbia, Missouri and a title track from Tampa, Florida’s Anevis that sets the mood for the initial meeting of Gus and Alphie.


Dress Code "Sonic Boom EP" Downloads Available Now!

Electronic/dance music artist Dress Code‘s "Sonic Boom EP" now available at several download sites.

Dayton, OH-based electronic/dance music artist Dress Code’s "Sonic Boom EP" release is now available for downloading at these sites: Napster, Apple iTunes, and at MusicNet parnter sites, including Yahoo!Music, FYE Download Zone, Virgin Digital, Ctrax, RCN Music, and MusicNet@aol.

Dress Code is an eclectic mix of electronic/dance music with rock, funk, and hip-hop influences–a style described as "funky rocktronic dance music" by Dress Code musician/producer Derek "DJH" Holley. Derek co-founded Dress Code in the early 90s as a duo and "musical experiment" with a style that had rock, funk, dance, and pop influences. Dress Code later released their debut CD, About Time. Music from this release has been featured in various MTV, VH1, and independent film projects.


Blow Up Hollywood Releases New CD Stars End

Blow Up Hollywood
is set to release "Stars End" on May 31st, an improvised 40 minute musical experiment that was recorded live from the WXPN radio studios in Philadelphia in November of 2004. With instruments in hand and complete creative freedom, anything that was in the studio quickly became an instrument of choice. Instrumentation on the disc includes electric guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboards, cello, harmonica, wine bottle, Tibetan singing bowl, vocals, dinner bell, small gong, whistling. The art is in the listening.

Blow Up Hollywood, who’s name is a backlash to the excesses of glitter marketing in the mass media, is made up of 7 critically acclaimed New York musicians. The band creates a huge orchestral wall of sound with blissful string arrangements and poignant vocals making each track a requiem. The bands live show is a mixed media event with the staging of a self-produced film being run on a screen while the band score it live, almost secretly in the dark.

Blow Up Hollywood’s virtuoso mastery of their respective instruments have won them fanatical fans all over the globe, connecting with fans one on one thru the web. Their cinematic sound is being hotly pursued in the film and tv world by the likes of major networks and independent filmmakers who want to tell their stories within the emotional backdrop of Blow Up Hollywood’s music.

Blow Up Hollywood are currently finishing tracks for their third studio effort, a cd entitled "The Diaries of Private Henry Hill", which was inspired by the journals of a young American soldier who perished in Iraq. The release date is set for early 2006.


Vonmodik’s Debut Album Released!

Today sees the arrival of Vonmodik’s eagerly awaited debut album, ‘UNTITLED’ on Bionnic Music ­ one of the most diverse electronica albums you’re likely to hear. So far 6 of the tracks have made various Top Ten Charts at including House Top Ten, Dance Top Ten and Breakbeat Top Ten (expect more!). Prior to release radio stations from Los Angeles to Boston have spun tracks and Vonmodik is beginning to receive invitations for on-air in-studio appearances! Vonmodik is also now featured on Music.Download.Com!

"Your vibe is great. … you have a contemporary sound ala Erlend Oye, Radio 4, Cut Copy etc. Really nice tone and emotion … great ideas and lots of great sounds." ­ review

Vonmodik’s music includes a mix of traditional instrumentation with heavily layered, digitally generated programming to help produce an original and clearly-defined sound. Already an established and unique graphic artist, his approach to music emanates from a fresh perspective of sound experimentation. His modern influences include Orbital, Moby, BT, Junkie XL, Groove Armada, Deep Forest and Bent, while some of his classic pop favorties are Sting, Pink Floyd, Roxy Music, Duran Duran, The Psychedelic Furs and The Cure.


Music Of Pucka Kayuba On Cdigix & Ruckus Network

Already available through MusicNet, Pucka Kayuba’s music from the "Peace & Love" CD is now available for purchase through the Cdigix music on demand network, which is operated by MusicNet, and accessed by over 310,000 students at American Universities and Colleges, such as the University of Maryland, Yale University, Penn State University, Purdue University, Duke University, Rochester Institute of Technology, DePaul University, Indiana University, University of Michigan and more than 10 other U.S. colleges. Students use the Cdigix system, designed specifically to provide digital music services to students on campus, to purchase song(s) directly or to otherwise pay for the music through subscription fees paid by the student or the school.

Pucka Kayuba’s music is now also available through the Ruckus Network , a Cdigix competitor, which provides music services to Bentley College, Hampton University, Clark Atlanta University, Frostburg State University, American University and more than five other schools using the Ruckus Network.

Pucka Kayuba, who lives and records his wonderful reggae music in Kingston, Jamaica and has worked with Jamaican legends such as Sly Dunbar, Pam Hall, Jah D (Dennis Fearon) and Zammerock Kahunda, continues to see distribution and promotion of his music expand through his relationship with U.S. label Loud Dust Recordings as well as enjoying top 20 chart positions of his songs "Arise", "Let Us Come Together" and "Love Is The Key" for many months at and


"Dance" By The Neurons Is Released In May By Lakefront Records

UnderGround magazine in Los Angeles states "WOW! Where the hell did this come from? This record grooves like no other. World class improvisations…"

Members of The Neurons have played throughout the world such as The Tonight Show, The Playboy Jazz Festival, and the Montreaux Jazz festival. One Neuron spent 13 years "groovin" with Ray Charles. The other has 8 solo albums and has built guitars for Daryl Hall and members of Stevie Wonders Band.

Dance will "Groove" you and "move" you. World rhythms, great exploratory solo’s and joyous loop grooves make this album very special.


Groove Pocket Ranks 16th Out Of 260 Acts On Radio Crystal Blue

Groove Pocket from Hamilton, NJ just ranked 16th out of 260 acts for radio play on Brooklyn’s Radio Crystal Blue, "Top 55 Internet Airplay Recording Artist for the Spring of 2005". Qualification for this chart included 2 songs receiving airplay in a 3 month period, and a 7 song rotation between 4/04 and 3/05.

"It’s an unbelievable honor to be on this list with such great artists. Dan is the man!" This coming from drummer Lee Micai speaking for the band.

Groove Pocket recently made an appearance on X106.9 in Ocean City, MD on the Glassman and Crazy Eddie morning show. Tracks from Groove Pocket’s Debut album, "Everything’s Whatever", can also be heard on Blow Up Radio (Old Bridge, NJ), Harris Radio (Brooklyn, NY), Jack And Jill Radio (Sunrise, FL), WDYN (Rochester, NY), WNTI (Hackettstown, NJ), Liquid Compass (Denver, CO), Radio Takeover (Medford, NJ) and WPKN Radio (Bridgeport, CT). CO), Radio Takeover (Medford, )NJ and WPKN Radio (Bridgeport, CT).


Gorillaz Limited Edition Album Unlocks New Secrets On Website

This week, Parlophone launches brand new content on the award-winning Gorillaz site. In an integrated campaign, some of the site’s new content is only accessible to fans with a copy of the limited edition of Demon Days. When fans insert the disc into their PC, they can enter the kitchen in Kong Studios, break into a cupboard and access an exclusive, downloadable bonus track, as well as PC wallpapers and screensavers. is the band’s virtual home, Kong Studios, and is made up of various rooms and scenes, offering fans a 3D animated, interactive Gorillaz ‘world’.

As Gorillaz only exist in the virtual, online world, the website has been at the heart of the album’s launch and promotion, as Lisa Gower, Digital Media Manager at Parlophone, explains.

Gower comments, " allows fans a peek into their world. The new content continues the site’s theme of playing and interaction, drawing fans further into Gorillaz world and adding to their experience. As Gorillaz obviously can’t do physical interviews, gigs and signings, the new content allows fans to get closer to the band, adding greater value to the relationship."


CPU Records, A New Resource For New Artists

CPU Records was set up for unsigned bands and singer/songwriters to let them distribute their songs, biographies, pictures and other information about themselves to a wider audience via the internet. The idea was to create a hub where people wanting to check out new talent could do so, in the comfort of their own home or office,and to do so free of any charge.

Halloween night saw the launch of the Artist section with performances by some of the cream of unsigned talent from Manchester and Ireland, namely Stazi(who have x factors Rowetta satchell as backing singer)lee gorton from Alfie,Dublin Anarchists The Subtonics as well as other bands and DJing on the Night was Mani from Primal Scream and Andy Rourke from The Smiths. Since then the site has been recieving over 2 million hits a month and climbing rapidly.The latest band to sign up is Vinny Peculiar, featuring Mark Joyce and Andy Rourke from The Smiths.Bands simply sign up, upload what songs they want people to hear, as well as biographies and pictures. Every time a song is listened to it gets a chart position with a top 10 being published every thursday.The songs are also then queued into the internet radio station and gets randomly played to listners.For every band that has a major label contract there are hundreds that are just as good that are unsigned and is the place to find them.


Go Global With AmpHeadMusic

Amphead Entertainment Group are driving the digital revolution in Australia for non-major labels and artists. Partnered with The Orchard from the States, They distribute the largest catalogue of digital music in the world. It currently sits at 355,000 tracks distributed through 72 countries. They act as a non-exclusive distributor for Artists and non-major labels with a 70% return + mechanical royalties back to the Artist.

New and unsigned artists can benefit from Amphead’s network, as more online shoppers are turned on to fresh artists via recommendations and digital media, which they would never normally have in a regular retail record store. Word of mouth is becoming an even stronger medium as artists now have increased global reach via their websites and email promotions. Statistics are revealing that the hits are only generating half the digital sales, whilst niche catalogues are generating the rest.

When an artist lists their release with AmpHeadMusic, it is encrypted and sent to The Orchard for global distribution. The artist receives a username and login so they are able to check on a daily basis where and how much of their music is being downloaded. With a timeline of 4 ­ 6 weeks from receiving product to availability at online stores, this is the fastest way for artists to export music on a global basis.


Provided by the MusicDish Network. Copyright © Tag It 2005 – Republished with Permission

Reviews and Suggestions

This week’s iTunes exclusive: Oasis


Reviews and Suggestions

Reviews by Gérard

Car Crash Show (3 song ep)

Voilà un groupe qui va lentement mais surement!! fondé en 1998 mais toujours dans l’attente de son premier album (très bientôt!) ce quatuor du Massachussets lorgne vers une Pop plutot british (Radiohead) avec une maitrise accomplie. Les trois morceaux proposés sont fort bien construits et on se surprend à les réecouter quasimment en boucle. On est impatient d’avoir l’album entre les oreilles!!

Here is a group that is proceeding slowly but surely! Formed in 1998 and still in the process of putting together their debut album (any day now!) this quartet from Massachusetts’s leans towards more of an accomplished British pop sound like Radiohead. The three tracks on this EP are all well written and surprise you with some great twists. I am anxiously awaiting their debut album!

Ray MASON “Old School” (Captivating Music)

On reste dans cet état décidemment très productif pour saluer un grand musicien qui nous distille depuis de nombreuses années une musique toujours généreuse et habitée. L’ami Ray sait toujours varier les plaisirs, qu’ils soient à base de blues, folk, country, pop, rock. L’homme à la Silvertone ne m’a jamais décu, qu’il soit en solo ou avec son groupe, il démontre à chaque fois que vieillir n’est pas toujours un défaut en soi mais comme le bon vin français la qualité attend souvent le passage des années.

One always likes to commend a great musician who has brought us through the years with a generous amount of wonderful music. My friend Ray always brings a number of different styles to the table whether it be blues, folk country, pop or rock. This musician from Silvertone, whether solo or with his group has shown each time that he will not rest on his laurels and like a good bottle of French wine he just seems to get better with age.

Les Spurts “It’s Different and the Same” (disponible aux USA chez Kool Kat Records)

Vous commencez à le savoir maintenant, je suis toujours très heureux de vous proposer un groupe français de qualité. C’est ici le cas avec un trio de Toulouse (sud ouest de mon beau pays) ville de tradition musicale en tous genres. Les Spurts sont les nouveaux gardiens de la flamme Power Pop française (après les glorieux Dogs ou Cry Babies pour ne citer qu’eux) D’ailleurs quand on a la pochette sous les yeux, on est en pays de connaissance : Rickenbacker et ampli vintage en avant. Excellentes compostions en anglais (un seul titre chanté en français sur l’album) truffées de mélodies souvent inspirées et imparables. Du beau travail artisanal.

I am pleased to introduce to you an excellent French group of the highest caliber. This trio is from Toulouse (in the south-west of my home country of France), a city with a great musical tradition in all genres. The Spurts are the new guardians of the flame of French power-pop (after the glorious Dogs or Cry Babies to name just two great bands). We are nothing if not a country that knows their power-pop history: Rickenbacker guitars and vintage amplifiers to the fore. Excellent songs sung in English (just one track sung in French on the album) filled with wonderful and unforgettable melodies. An excellently crafted power-pop album.

THE GOLDEN APPLES “Cooler Jets Will Prevail”

2e album pour ce quatuor d’Austin. Le premier morceau donne la couleur mais est un peu réducteur : “big star” est effectivement un hommage à ce groupe séminal (riff de “in the streets”) mais est trop réducteur quant au talent de ce groupe qui se rapprocherait plutot de Badfinger. Donc les 70s Pop (pas forcémment ce que j’aime le plus) mais avec beaucoup de spontanéité et des guitares très présentes. L’un des très bons albums Pop de cette première moitié d’année.

This is the second album from this Austin-based quartet and while at first listen it has a lot of color it is a bit “retro” in that it is almost a tribute to the seminal ‘70s power-pop band Big Star (just listen to the riff on “in the streets”). Despite this there is no denying that this group has talent on the level approaching somebody like Badfinger. A taste of ‘70s pop (but not so imitative that it gets in the way) with lots of spontaneity and with guitars front and center. This is a great album of pop from the first half of this year.

JENSEN BELL “Modern Dating Tips”

si l’album ci dessus concerne le haut du panier de ces derniers mois, que dire de cette météorite ? dans mon top 10 de ces six premiers mois de 2005. Tout d’abord très surpris car pour être honnête je n’avais jamais entendu parler de ce résident de L.A. (et vous ?) et quand on apprend dans sa bio qu’il a postulé pour être guitariste des Replacements, on n’entend plus on écoute!!!! La pochette très comics ne m’avait pas non plus mis en appétit mais dès “askin’ you out”‘ le premier titre, j’ai été subjugué par tant de talent : compositions brillantes, mélodies gracieuses et hits en puissance (her city’s got a train, kitsch lorraine, happy chocolate) en fait la totalité des 35 minutes que durent cet album sont indspensables à tout amateur de Pop qui se respecte. A must!!!

This album is without a doubt one of the highlights for me for the first half of 2005. I don’t know a lot about this LA resident other than the fact that he was possibly a guitarist in The Replacements but never mind, just listen to this album! While the cover art is quite humorous it was only after listening to the first track “Askin You Out” that I was sucked in to this man’s talent. Brilliant writing, amazing melodies and hits a-plenty (Her City’s Got a Train, Kitsch Lorraine, Happy Chocolate), the 35 minutes spent listening to this album is essential for all true fans of pop. A must!

By Gérard Girard

Rock Biz

Tips For Bands And Artists Seeking Management

Part 2 Of 2: Finding And Working With A Manager
by Jeremy Rwakaara,

Please go here for Part 1 of this article.

Finding a manager

MusicDish Network Sponsor

Once you’ve decided that you are ready for management, there are several ways you can find a manager. You should first take stock of what you have to offer (besides your talent). It helps to have a good idea about yourself and your style. Don’t expect a manager to be able to perform an assortment of miracles all by themselves. You have to come to the table with some elements in place and be willing to work hard to formulate the rest. The manager can help you to articulate your vision, find others that believe in you, and get you into the hands of interested and successful music industry professionals.

Once you are sure you have something to offer, you can ask club owners, attorneys, publicists, recording studio engineers, record producers, independent record label owners, and other artists that are signed if they have any management company recommendations. You can also find a list of managers from music industry print directories (e.g. the Musicians Atlas, the Indie Contact Bible, the Industry Yellow Pages, Pollstar, the Recording Industry Sourcebook, etc.) or online directories like the one at the Indie Managers Association and others.

Pay close attention to the submission policies of the management company before mailing anything out. Some managers will only accept solicited material (material submitted to them from known sources). Others are willing to accept unsolicited materials, while others prefer you to call or email first. Do not violate these policies. It is almost always a good idea to call or email first before you send anything (unless they tell you not to call or email first). Contacting them before you send materials gives you a chance to talk to somebody and find out what they are looking for and what materials will be most appropriate to send.

Working with a manager

It is important that you speak with artists who are already signed to the management company (if the manager has an artist roster) before approaching a manager. If the artists have stayed with the manager for a long time and have a good relationship, you can take that as a sign of a commitment for the long-term, which is a good thing.

Be wary of managers that don’t ask a lot of questions about you, your goals, and your achievements. Don’t be offended by these questions, since they only serve to identify areas of opportunity or career challenges that the manager should know about.

Even though there is no standard commission that a manager should take, be cautious of a manager who talks about commissioning 25% or more of your earnings. 10% – 15% (or in some instances 20%, depending upon the circumstances), is more in line with what’s fair. Whatever you do, don’t sign a contract on the spot without taking time to have it reviewed by an entertainment attorney. Few things are so urgent that both parties can’t take a few days (or weeks) of their time to negotiate a contract that will bind them together for several years and involve potentially several hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The manager-artist relationship is a very important one, and you must be sure that the manager is a right fit for you (and vice-versa). Many times, a manager will approach you before you get a chance to approach them. This is not necessarily a bad thing since it makes sense that you came to their attention by creating a buzz in your area, selling a lot of CDs, receiving radio airplay or great reviews or putting on a great live show. If this is the case, you should expect them to know a lot about you and ask a lot of questions.

A sign of a good manager is that plenty of dialogue will take place before the contract is offered and signed. You should spend a lot of time discussing your short and long-term career goals and seeing how they can help you achieve what you want. You should ask them what ideas they have to get you where you are trying to go. You should also check to make sure that the potential manager doesn’t have too many artists on their roster, and that they will have enough time to devote to your career.

A potential manager should like your type of music and be familiar with how an artist like you should be promoted and marketed. It is extremely important to find a manager that is the right fit and if you can’t find one, you are much better off managing yourself until the right one comes along.

If you find a manager that sounds interesting, try and set up a six-month trial period to see if you are compatible with each other before signing a long-term management agreement t. Only accept friends, friends-of-friends, family members, etc., as potential managers if they have some experience in managing artists in your genre, have some industry contacts, and know how the music business works. These people are often well intentioned but can cause more harm than good with what they don’t know.

The management contract

Discussing the details of an artist-manager contract is beyond the scope of this article, so when it comes to signing, it is important that you have the contract drafted and/or negotiated by an experienced entertainment attorney who is well-versed in similar entertainment / management contracts.

The important thing about a contract is that it should define in no uncertain terms the nature of the relationship between the parties. It should also spell out how, if at all, you can get out of the deal if the manager is not performing as promised, and what the penalties for non-performance should be. You should also understand how and for what duration commissions are to be paid after the management contract has been terminated.

As long as everybody understands their roles, works hard, and follows through with their commitments, everything should be fine even if you don’t sell a million records or sell out Madison Square Garden.

Hopefully this article has helped shed some light on the question of finding managers. Obviously, these are mainly my opinions and others are free to disagree in whole or in part with what I have said here. Get legal advice, consult your gut feeling, do plenty of reading, use some common sense, and ask a lot of questions before signing with a management contract with a manager.

Provided by the MusicDish Network. Copyright © Tag It 2005 – Republished with Permission

Rock Radio 2.0

Live365 goes podcasting

Live365 is kicking off what looks like a very interesting podcasting experiment with their brand new weekly podcast “Live365 SPOTcast” which they state will bring “ new and independent music and talk content to a global audience.” The weekly podcast will feature new tracks, band interviews, music reviews, behind-the-scenes reports and more. The first series of seven SPOTcasts are hosted by BAGel Radio’s Ted Leibowitz a popular Live365 broadcaster with an encyclopedic knowledge of indie and alternative rock. The schedule is as follows:

SPOTcast Schedule

Jun 13- DMI (Digital Mediaworks International): Dwight Twilley, redlightmusic, Headrush
Jun 17- Rock Ridge Music: Sister Hazel, Stroke 9, Love.45, Sinch
June 24 – Toucan Cove: Glorious, Digby
July 1 – IODA Distribution: Settlefish, Tullycraft, Asobi Seksu, PFFR
July 8 – TVT Records: TSAR, Towers of London, The Blue Van
July 15 – IRIS Distribution: Heartless Bastards, Mobius Band, Dressy Bessy, String Cheese Incident
July 22 – InGrooves: IOS, Von Iva, Thomas Cunningham, Golan Globus

You can tune in to the podcast by pointing your favourite podcasting software to

Reviews and Suggestions

Cover version fun on this week’s Random Rotation from the CD Baby store

This week I decided to feature some very cool albums of covers from the CD Baby store. Have fun!


A compilation of 11 unfaithful versions of Police songs by some of the best bands in indie pop, rock and electronica.

Buy the CD
MOSTLY DYLAN: Mostly Dylan: New Perspectives On The Songs Of Bob Dylan By Tom Corwin And Tim Hockenberry MOSTLY DYLAN: Mostly Dylan: New Perspectives On The Songs Of Bob Dylan By Tom Corwin And Tim Hockenberry

Deeply musical rock including performances with Bonnie Raitt, George Marinelli and Ricky Fataar.

Buy the CD
HE WAS FAB: A Loving Tribute To George Harrison HE WAS FAB: A Loving Tribute To George Harrison

George Harrison songs done in a melodic power pop fashion; the artists in this tribute are some of the best indie-pop artists in the world.

Buy the CD
VARIOUS: The Stiff Generation: If It Ain't Still It Ain't Worth A Tribute VARIOUS: The Stiff Generation: If It Ain’t Still It Ain’t Worth A Tribute

A multi-artist tribute to Stiff Records, the legendary British indie label that spawned Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe, Madness, and Ian Dury (to name a few).

Buy the CD
VA: is this music? VA: is this music?

World’s 1st tribute album to the Glasgow’s power pop legend Teenage Fan Club. 100% pure power pop featuring Jon Auer, Pearlfishers, BMX Bandits and more.

Buy the CD
A TRIBUTE TO BIG STAR: A Tribute to Big Star A TRIBUTE TO BIG STAR: A Tribute to Big Star

The first compilation album to be released featuring 23 indie rock bands devoted to the brilliant 1970’s Memphis group, Big Star

Buy the CD
Rock History

The Spare Change Tour

Ever wonder what has happened to all those rock and roll landmarks from the so-called “Summer of Love”? Well take the Spare Change Tour and all your questions will be answered.