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Rock and Roll Report Radio will be heard once again on the airwaves of CKUT 90.3 FM in Montreal and around the world on this Monday the 21st of April.

Tune in from 10:00 – 11:00 PM EST for some incredible rock and roll by an amazing array of indie and unsigned bands that are so good they will make you wonder why they are not on your local commercial rock radio station.

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Independent Equity Details Surface on MySpace Music

(From Digital Music News) Major labels have equity stakes in MySpace Music, the soon-to-be-launched ecommerce initiative. But the story gets a bit more complicated for independent labels and unsigned artists.

According to information reported by Wired, independent labels unaffiliated with certain aggregators or distributors will not be handed equity stakes. The unaffiliated artists will receive a percentage of asset sales, but not a bigger chunk related to MySpace Music advertising.

In the article, MySpace cofounder and chief executive Chris DeWolfe alluded to that point, without specifically mentioning independent distributors like The Orchard or IODA. “We’re open to extending our equity deals to the right partners, but at a certain point, you can’t extend equity to everyone,” DeWolfe explained.


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Watch the Bodog Battle of the Bands


You can watch “webisodes” of the Bodog Battle of the Bands on Bodog TV and see what hot and up and coming bands float your boat. It just blows my mind what can be done over the ‘Net these days. Even if you can’t be at the shows you can still experience them. Very cool. Head over to and check out all the rock and roll action.



Artists and Bands

Listen to the Brand New Hellacopters Album for Free on MySpace!

The very excellent Hellacopters are coming out with a new album called Head Off but they are debuting it in its entirety on their MySpace page right now. Head over to and have a listen. You can also watch their brand new video In The Sign of the Octopus right here!

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Gretsch Uunsigned/Indie Band Contest Will Begin Soon

gretsch-greats-420.gif(From Music Connection) Beginning May 1st, The Gretsch Company will sponsor an online search for the best unsigned and independent bands in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Japan, Spain, Germany and France. Ten finalists will be selected by popular online voting at in June and July. Then, the finalists will be judged by an expert panel who will select the grand, first and second prize winners. The grand prize winner will receive $15,000+ in Gretsch drums, guitars and amps and a spot playing at the Gretsch 125th anniversary concert with legendary Gretsch Greats this November in New York City. Visit for more information.

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One of the best psych rock albums ever, created this year. Go figure! Chesterfield Kings – Psychedelic Sunrise

psychedelic-sunrise.jpgChesterfield KingsPsychedelic Sunrise
Wicked Cool Records

It’s “wicked cool” indeed whenever someone with influence decides to help out a deserving rock and roll band which has been toiling in the trenches for years, earning rave reviews and converting everyone they play in front of into rabid fans. God bless Bruce Springsteen’s right-hand man and Soprano’s goodfella Miami Steve Van Zandt for starting his popular Underground Garage radio show a few years ago. Since then, a mini garage/freakbeat/psych-rock revolution has begun and both new bands and veterans like The Chesterfield Kings have benefited. It’s truly fitting the band is finally seeing their records in the large record stores and having reviews posted in the glossy magazines and on major websites as they deserve it for slogging it out for years and staying true to their musical vision.

Podcast Record Labels

Rock and Roll Report Podcast #11: A Feature on Fastlane Records


Podcast #11 is our first record label focus and we decided that it was only appropriate that it be Fastlane Records , one of our personal favourites and home to such Rock and Roll Report staples as American Anthem and Annex . We recently sat down with Shawn C. Lane, president of Fastlane for an interview which ended up lasting close to 3 hours and was more of enthusiastic conversation than interview that touched on everything from digital downloads, Cheap Trick and those billion dollar bills that came in every copy of Alice Cooper’s Billion Dollar Babies records “back in the day.” Of course the podcast features a hefty dose of rock and roll from a number of Fastlane Artists both past and present.

You can get more info on Fastlane Records on their website at or their MySpace page at .

We hope you enjoyed this indie record label feature on Fastlane Records and there are definitely more in the planning stages. If you liked what you heard, please buy the records, go see the bands live and continue to promote the amazing abundance of rock and roll being made each and every day literally around the world. Don’t forget to email your comments and suggestions to or leave a voice comment on our comment line at 206-339-3646 .

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Artists and Bands

The Rock and Roll Report Focus is on Winslow


There are several ways of dealing with your past: You can run from it, deny it, accept it and move on, or you can learn from it and let it help shape your future. That is just what Kent, OH band Winslow has done with the time the band spent as a cover band that played soul music. It was this time that helped shape the band’s ability to write original soul music.

The band consists of Maurice Martin on vocals, Matt Tieman on saxophone, Curtis Tate on keys, Neal Campbell on guitar, Brian Robertson on bass, and Justin Hofmann on drums. It is this band that has just released their first full-length album entitled “Crazy Kind of Love”. “Crazy Kind of Love” is one of the rare recordings that you don’t find anymore: a new soul album.

While you can find many fine vintage albums from the likes of Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross, and many other artists that have already made their mark on the music industry, you rarely hear of new artists taking their shot at trying to create the next new sound in the soul genre. Winslow has not only decided to try to make the next generation soul album, they have succeeded.

To say that Winslow’s style is old school soul would be wrong: the band has not gone the way of the past, they have taken the soul genre and combined it with rock and funk to create a new and exciting twist on the old genre. The band’s new album, “Crazy Kind of Love,” features 10 songs of great writing and playing by a band that has taken its time to learn to create something new, something different that will have people talking once the band gets some well-deserved publicity for their album that does more than just help revitalize the soul genre, it kicks it to the next level.

While the album as a whole is a great listening experience, some of the stand out tracks include: “Breakdown,” “Move On,” “Tango Between the Lines,” and the album’s title track, “Crazy Kind of Love”.

Crazy Kind of Love from Winslow begins with the track “Breakdown”. Right from the start, the energy of the music hits and hits hard. In fact, if it wasn’t for the Soul vibe flowing through the entire track, you would swear that this was a straight-out Rock and Roll track. The strong guitars from Neal Campbell, hard-hitting bass from Brian Robertson and energetic drums on the track add to that Rock and Roll vibe. The Rock/Soul mixture on this track gives the song a slightly dated feel as the song feels as if it would be right at home within a setlist from the likes of seventies legends Earth, Wind & Fire.

With the song “Move On,” singer Maurice Martin’s vocals take the spotlight. His vocals delivery comes with an energy level similar to that of James Brown, while sounding more like Marvin Gaye. That soulful delivery is matched up with music that falls more into the Soul category than the previous track’s sound did. That soulful feel to the music is blended with a slightly orchestral feel that comes from the inclusion of strings on the track. And just like the track “Breakdown” before it, “Move On” there is a slightly dated feel to the music. However, as that feel places the music within the same era when Soul music was at its strongest, that is not such a bad thing.

Another track that stands out on the Crazy Kind of Love release from Winslow is the release’s title track. “Crazy Kind of Love” contains a musical mixture that blends together Soul with plenty of Jazz influence. The result is a track that would be as much at home on a Smooth Jazz radio format as it would be on a Soul and R&B format. This is the kind of track that truly brings out the talent of the entire musical ensemble that is known as Winslow.

The song “Tango Between the Lines” is easily within the best tracks on the Crazy Kind of Love album. The track begins with the sound of the bass as it creates a strong groove. That groove is expanded with a Soul/Jazz blend with the inclusion of the saxophone. Eventually, the addition of the electric guitar in the mix helps to give the song a bit of a Rock and Roll influence. What results is a fresh, smooth track that has plenty of energy. “Tango Between the Lines” is easily the hardest rockin’ track on the release. It’s also the best song on the album.

Immediately after “Tango Between the Lines,” the saxophone and piano continue the feel of the music but in a much more relaxed mood. That musical direction segues into the track “Into Tomorrow”. The easier, more laidback song features a strong R&B feel. The track continues with the R&B direction until the saxophone joins in. This creates a R&B/Jazz track that shows off the talent of singer Maurice Martin.

If you are a fan of soul music, Crazy Kind of Love from Winslow is one album you must check out. Singer Maurice Martin and the rest of Winslow have produced a release that is different enough from previous Soul albums that this album is definitely a must for your music collection. The time you spend listening to the album will be well worth it.

If you are a fan of soul music, this is one album you must check out. The time spent listening to the album will be well worth it.
To check out Winslow and their music, go to Also visit their MySpace account at Also, go to the website for the band’s label, FTF Records at

Matheson Kamin

WINSLOW: Crazy Kind of Love
Buy the CD

Rock and Roll Report TV

Rock and Roll Report TV – Hailer – “All I Wanted” (Live)

Hailer is a great young band from Australia that is currently putting the finishing touches on their debut EP. I have played “All I Wanted” on Rock and Roll Report Radio and the podcast in the past and this video shows just how much fun the band is live. They are looking for a North American label to release their EP and upcoming album so if you want a great Aussie rock band on your roster, get in touch with them now! You can have a listen to their stuff on their MySpace page at



Rock History

Cover Story – Bob Dylan’s “Slow Train Coming”, with artwork by Catherine Kanner


Copyright ©1979 and 2008 by Catherine Kanner – All rights reserved.

Subject: Slow Train Coming, a 1979 release (on Columbia Records) by Bob Dylan, with cover artwork & design by Catherine Kanner

So, depending on whether you’re convinced that his born-again Christianity was just another example of Bob Dylan’s constant need for change to provide him with new-found (and, according to critics, badly-needed) inspiration, or whether his late-70’s conversion and eschewing of all things (and songs) secular was for real, his record titled Slow Train Coming certainly both brought him new fans in the Christian Music genre and served to confound and perturb his fans and the many music critics who, quite vocally, “loved the music, hated the words”.