Opportunities A New Website Promoting Unsigned Artists.

(PRESS RELEASE) The hardest challenge faced by unsigned artists is simply to be heard by the right person who can get you noticed. In recent years this need for exposure has spawned a massive commercial industry of websites offering promotion to new artists, but just how effective is this promotion? Paying for “Premium” memberships on “free” sites is no laughing matter before the gigs start coming in and, although admittedly sites like MySpace do a great job for free, how are people actually going to find you until they know your name?

Rock and Roll Report TV

Rock and Roll Report TV: Tenspoke Indies – Tank

This week’s Rock and Roll Report TV features the amazing Tenspoke Indies from Tampa, Florida with their video for Tank. I have played them a ton of times on the podcast and radio show and their CD Blinded By the Sound rocks.


Buy the Tenspoke Indies from CD Baby and support real rock and roll!

Rock Radio 2.0

The Rock and Roll Report Chats with the Rock and Roll Geek Michael Butler About Rock and Roll, Podcasting and the Ass of Rock!

Michael Butler is a rock and roller at heart. From playing bass in a number of very cool bands to recording his Rock and Roll Geek Podcast to his work on the Podsafe Music Network he is the perfect person to talk about what podcasting is all about and the benefits it offers musicians. Michael was kind enough to answer a bunch of questions for us and this is what went down.

Reviews and Suggestions

CD Review: Various Artists – About a Girl (FDR Records)

Very interesting a fun comp released by the music fans at Face Down Records featuring covers of well-known songs with girl’s names in the titles. Rock and roll classics including Bruce Springsteen’s Rosalita and The Turtles’ Elenore are covered by a great roster of up and coming power pop bands including The Dipsomaniacs, Milton and The Devil’s Party, Bastard’s of Melody,Trolleyvox, The Blank Pages, and Taggart among many others. My faves are the band Late Night Televison’s cover of The Looking Glass’ hit Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl) and Bastard’s of Melody’s great cover of cult band The Producers’ song She Sheila that fucking rocks!

Great stuff and a fun listen. This CD may not change the world but if you don’t have a good time while you listen to it you may need a personality implant. This CD is a stone blast!!



Artists and Bands

The Rock and Roll Report Band of the Week is One Bad Son

One Bad Son is an anomaly in today’s music industry. At a time when mainstream hard rock has become stale and predictable – and viewed as passé in most indie rock circles – One Bad Son has defied the norm, finding success in a niche of hard rock that is as fresh and intelligent as it is loud.


Mark My Words: Lessons Learned From The New, New Music at Podcamp Montreal 2008

Last weekend I attended the inaugural Podcamp Montreal which was a great success and very well attended. The thing I enjoyed most about this Podcamp in comparison to past Podcamps that I have attended in the past in Toronto was that the conversation moved beyond podcasting to embrace social media in general (social media being things like MySpace, FaceBook, Tweeter and the like).

The session that I was most interested in was titled “The New, New Music” and it was hosted by prolific blogger, podcaster and digital marketer Mitch Joel (who was formerly a music journalist) and musician David Usher. I was happy that the session featured an actual musician as my gripe with sessions like this has often been that they are preaching to the converted. You have podcasters telling other podcasters how great podcasting is when who we really should be addressing and getting feedback from are musicians who can benefit the most from podcasting.

(Photo of David Usher courtesy of Eva Blue)

Reviews and Suggestions

Deep Cuts CD Review: Dwight Twilley – Sincerely/Twilley Don’t Mind (Raven)

Poor Dwight Twilley has to be one of the most talented, yet also the most star-crossed, musicians to ever have a big hit on the charts since Badfinger. Forming the Dwight Twilley Band in 1967 with his Oklahoma schoolmates Phil Seymore and Bill Pitcock IV, Twilley and his young buddies (all only 16 years old) spent the majority of their days in school and their nights cutting demos in Twilley’s makeshift studio.


Rock and Roll Report Podcast #30 – A Look Back Over Our Collective Shoulder

This week’s podcast marks the first time that I have ever played the same songs more than once on the Rock and Roll Report Podcast. Why? Well for whatever reason, hitting podcast #30 made me all nostalgic and I started listening to some of the old shows and still digging the tunes. I then realized that it would be fun to revisit these songs while perhaps introducing newer listeners to some bands from older podcasts they might not have had the chance to hear.

Reviews and Suggestions

CD Review: Labeling Deloris – I Want Everything (Unsigned)

Wilmington, North Carolina rock band Labeling Deloris has what it takes to make it in the rock industry. The band has already a large share of success and is looking for more.


Battle of the Bands!!! Win a contract with Wicked Cool Records!!!

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