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The Rock and Roll Band of the Week is Hundred Days

hundred days band shotIn the quiet countryside of Somerset, England, a band is emerging that is currently wowing crowds and laying waste to venues.

Hundred Days are a 3 piece Rock Band hailing from a small town called Yeovil, not perhaps known for it’s Rock ‘N’ Roll legacy, but in years to come this may change.

They have created a sound which can be best described as Led Zeppelin on steroids, that classic rock influence with a harder edge.

There debut album ‘How A War Is Won’ was recorded and produced by the band themselves, and features a collection of quite superb maturely written songs.

The standout track on the album is the immensely catchy ‘No Better’ which really showcases the power of vocalist Stuart Curtin, who with his long hair and gritty voice is the perfect Rock front man.


Rock and Roll Photo Essay: Lamb of God

LambofGod-coverLamb of God

John Labatt Centre
London, Ontario

October 25, 2009

Review: Karen Fader McBride
Photos: Mike Forbes

Lamb of God front man Randy Blythe openly declared why they love Canada so much… we “Bring the Ruckus!” We definitely didn’t disappoint the band as around 2000+ fans rocked out to the bands headlining set at RBC Theater in John Labatts stadium in downtown London. Openers for the evening were fellow Virginia natives GWAR, who oddly enough had Lamb of God open for them back in the day.

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OrionPigshitPicFirst there was Elvis. Amen! Then there was Ricky Nelson and Johnny Halliday. Perhaps even Conrad Birdie.

Of course P. J. Proby could often sing “movie Presley” – and much later surely do “Vegas Elvis” – better than the true specimen, Terry Stafford hit U.S. Number 3 with an o.k. “Suspicion” mind during the very height of Britishmania (personally, I much prefer the 1970 Viv Stanshall / Keith Moon interpretation), and who can even forget Ral This Is Elvis (sorta) Donner and possibly even the Dick Clark-approved Ronnie McDowell? There was a real cool guy in Toronto called Subway Elvis too, but he was always getting thrown in jail.

Then the real thing up and died circa 8/16/77, leaving the field extremely wide open indeed for any man, woman or child with access to an empty church hall and/or pair of Velcro sideburns with which to pillage ‘n’ plunder the once and forever King’s ample musico-theatrical booty. You surely know who these thousands upon literal thousands of people were, and are. In fact, you may even actually be one yourself! Well, my jumpsuit is off to you in that case …particularly if you operate under the name of El Vez or especially Janice K.

Without a doubt though, the real-gone rockin’ boppin’ daddy-o of all such, uhh, “impersonators” was the one, the only Jimmy Ellis of Orrville, Alabama.

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CD Review: Bon Jovi “The Circle”

bon joviThe ham and cheese of rock are back with a new record, following their so-called “country”-inspired detour, “Lost Highway”. With “The Circle”, Bon Jovi is once again claiming that they are going back to the big arena rock sound of their late 80s hey day. “The Circle” is as much “New Jersey” as “Lost Highway” is a “Ropin’ The Wind”. In other words, big arena rock this is NOT; but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a decent record from Jon Bon and the Jersey boys. And to their credit, “The Circle” is generally more upbeat and not overwhelmed with the band’s proclivity for sappy power ballads.

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IndieFest, an annual showcase and competition, will be held in Los Angeles, CA, on May 22 at The Musicbox. Even though the bands for the competition have already been chosen, there are still time slots open for the all day showcase. In attendance will be Indie record labels, music publishers, promoters, booking agents and more VIP industry executives. Slots will fill up quickly so submit your music to Steven of Black Mountain Productions P.O. Box 91941Henderson, NV 89009 or by e-mail:

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Nominations for the 10th Annual Canadian Independent Music Awards – “The Indies” – are now open. Presented by Canadian Music Week in association with Astral Media and Canadian Satellite Radio (XM Satellite Radio), “The Indies” acknowledge, promote and honour achievements of Canadian and international artists in the independent music sector.

Submissions are being accepted through The Indie Awards website at, as well as through Sonicbids at until December 15, 2009. Artists or their representatives (including labels and managers) can submit nominations on their behalf. All submissions completed before November 30th will receive discounted pricing.

The eligibility period for all awards categories will run from September 1, 2008 through December 1, 2009. Nominees must have been active during the eligibility period and are based on the performance of the group or artist either on record or in live performances.

For additional eligibility requirements, voting procedures and a complete list of award categories, visit the Indies website at

An initiative of the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Music & the Arts (CAAMA), the awards are limited to independent artists and cover 15 genres of music. Nominees will be announced in January 2010. Winners in 28 of the 30 categories are decided on by both a public and an industry vote.

The awards will be handed out on Saturday, March 13, 2010 at the legendary Canadian Ballroom in the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto as part of Canadian Music Week. Tickets for The Indies may be purchased on the Indie Awards website at

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Rock and Roll Report Podcast #64 – The Best Thing to Stick In Your Ears!

mandy with ipodAfter an unavoidable delay The Rock and Roll Report Podcast is back and ready to rock your socks off! This week I once again went all over the rock and roll map with some 60’s inspired tunes, some heavy stuff, some punk and some sunny pop tunes. It’s what I like to refer to as a trip to the rock and roll buffet!

As usual you have a wide range of styles from a wider range of bands and artists who are either unsigned or are signed to independent record labels. If you like what you hear please consider supporting these bands in a tangible way by buying their music, going to their shows and buying their merch.


They’re back! ‘Girl in a Coma’ Are as Rockin’ as Ever on Their Second Album – Just a Bit More Spanish

DSC_1983 newSan Antonio, TX trio Girl in a Coma is comprised of siblings Nina (Vocals, Guitar) and Phanie Diaz (Drums) and rounded out by childhood friend Jenn Alva (Bass).

The band’s energetic pop rock made their 2007 debut, Both Before I’m Gone, a hit with critics nationwide and it reached No. 21 on the iTunes charts. The first single off the album, “Clumsy Sky,” even scored them a 2007 Independent Music Award in the ‘Best Song – Punk’ category.
Since then the trio has toured the country and shared the stage with the likes of Frank Black, The Epoxies, and The Eyeliners and in June of this year they released their follow-up album, Trio B.C.

Nina Diaz took some time out from rockin’ to talk about the whirlwind experience that is Girl in a Coma.

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CD Review: Pere Ubu “Long Live Pere Ubu”

llpuIn 1896, French writer Alfred Jarry debuted his play of Ubu Roi to less-than-welcoming audiences. For both the dress rehearsal and the premier night of the production, rotten fruit pelted the cast as the audiences let the cast know what they thought of the play. After that experience, Jarry spent the rest of his short life trying to improve the story, even going as far as to turn the play into a marionette concept.

Since that time, that infamous play of Ubu Roi has been staged several times, each time in a different style, sending the concept in many different directions. For those who who have yet to discover Ubu Roi, here is a short description of the play:
Pere (Pa) Ubu has yet to do anything of real consequence, although he DOES work as the right hand man to King Wenceslas. Mere (Ma) Ubu is tired of her nobody husband and concocts a plan to make Pere Ubu important. So Pere Ubu wipes out the royal family and he becomes the ruler of Poland. However, his reign as “Ubu Roi” (King Ubu) is quite short. It is during the time when he takes the Polish army into war that Pere Ubu is defeated and driven out of the country. Mere Ubu is also chased from the kingdom by an angry hoard. They find each other hiding out inside of the same cave, where they are once again threatened with death. Reluctantly together, they run.

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CD Review: Will Hoge “The Wreckage”

HogeDare I say it, but the past couple of records from Will Hoge have been disappointments for me – yes, they had their moments – but overall I found the albums cumbersome. The songs were still ripe with passion, but lacked the charm and energy – and catchy melodies – that made his first few releases so mesmerizing. Hoge‘s latest, “The Wreckage” is a solid return to his earlier sound.

“The Wreckage” may have a double meaning. In 2008, Hoge was involved in a traffic accident that nearly robbed the world of this fine talent. As it states in his bio: “As Hoge rode his scooter home from the studio, he was struck by an oncoming van that had veered into his lane. There were no skid marks. Launched off his bike, Hoge ended up bloodied, broken-boned, temporarily blinded, and near death. [The accident] was like stopping a record as it spins,” says Hoge, who had been halfway through recording material for his new record before getting derailed…For ten months, the accident sidelined Hoge. For ten months, it made him do something he hadn’t done in 18 years: stop the music.”