Cleveland Says Goodbye to Jane Scott, Music Journalist

On July 4, 2011, Cleveland, if not the whole music world, lost a very important part to it. One of the most recognizable and influential personalities in media lost her battle with time. On that very special day when all Americans celebrated their independence, we lost Jane Scott at the age of 92.

You may not have known her by name, but you most definitely had to have run into her once in a while if you took in concerts around Cleveland on a regular basis. No matter how old you are, you had to have crossed paths with Plain Dealer Rock Journalist Jane Scott at any of the concert venues around town while going to concerts of famous bands that have sold millions of albums or even bands that were just getting started.

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CD Review: Voice of Addiction “Reduce, Reuse, Resist”

Ian Tomele grew up being exposed to the classic punk sounds of Dead Kennedys, Sex Pistols and many other influential bands. It should come as no surprise, then, that Tomele would go on to create his own band, a modern punk/rock band called Voice of Addiction.

Earlier this summer, Voice of Addiction went on a mini-tour to release their fourth album entitled Reduce, Reuse, Resist. This 13-song release contains great punk/rock music. Voice of Addiction is composed of not only singer/bassist Ian Tomele, but also guitarist/singer Jeff Walschon and drummer Andy Petty. This trio creates music that could easily categorize as “rock,” even though there are plenty of punk influences in both the music and the lyrics of their songs. The overall rock feeling that exists throughout the music creates music that still has the attitude, but also contains plenty of creativity in the songs. And the band also includes some ska influences into their sound, as well. This gives the music from Voice of Addiction’s music a lot of depth to it.

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‘I just wanted to distill and distill until there was almost nothing left’: Ra Ra Riot’s Mathieu Santos on his solo LP

Mathieu Santos’s new album, Massachusetts 2010, is a ten-song debut LP for the Brooklyn-based composer. One of the founding members and bass player in the chamber pop quintet Ra Ra Riot, he takes a step away from this style to explore more stripped down, sonorous landscapes in an album written, composed and played almost solely by himself.

Here, Mathieu gets candid and offers some interesting insight into the creative process that shaped his album, how the songs originated and why “the treatment of just one distilled idea” is so important for his songwriting style.

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Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa offer free MP3 download

For a free download of the track ‘Well Well’ from the new album, click this link:


Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Beth Hart, known for her raw and powerful blues-rock sound, wraps her expressive vocals around classic soul covers on Don’t Explain, an album that grew out of her friendship with the acclaimed Blues guitarist Joe Bonamassa. The album will be released in the UK and Europe on Monday 26th September by Provogue Records.

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CD Review: Chris Allen “Acetate”

Every city has their version of the singer-songwriter that should be bigger than they are. In Cleveland, we call this singer-songwriter Chris Allen. This musician who has made a lot of music history in the city of Cleveland, whether he is backing up some of Cleveland’s other talented musicians or playing his own library of music with his band The Guilty Hearts. In 2010, Chris Allen added to his catalog of albums with his newest release, Acetate.

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PIGSHIT: Elvis Presley dies for your sins

August 16, 1977.

August 16, 2011.

It’s that day again.

But why should ANYBODY, ANYWHERE care anymore?

Well, in a word or 1030 I believe, here’s Why!


First of all, if it hadn’t been for Elvis, we simply wouldn’t be sitting here reading this right now. Really! Think about it: If you like and/or make rock and roll music, Elvis – indirectly or not – is the reason why.

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CD Review: Mathieu Santos “Massachusetts 2010”

Massachusetts 2010 is Mathieu Santos’s – Ra Ra Riot’s bass player – first solo LP. This album is an effort in an original direction, playing with the idea of sonorous landscapes in an indie rock setting. He accomplishes this by setting very precise moods in each song, and by making the growth of the song more centered on the development of this mood rather than on drastic musical changes. This effect is realized mostly through the lyrical and musical structure of the songs with importance given to tones and how things sound. 

Rock History

A History of Punk Music and its Effect on British Culture and Society.

Punk and its pioneers, though they may not have wanted to, changed the face of music as we knew it. Not only that, but they changed fashion, youth culture and brought about an entirely new form of performance and gigging. Its roots are often furiously debated due to the fact that everybody has a different definition of what punk music is and was, mainly because it covers such a broad spectrum of artists, and these artists stemmed off to form so many different subgenres, all with their own unique following and intention. Because of this, its foundation can be found in many different places and stories, ranging internationally, but all with the same catalysts and integrity.


Osheaga 2011 in review: When does a lot become too much?

It seems the current trend with music festivals is to focus on cramming as many acts as possible onto as many stages as possible, in as few days as possible, pushing the ideas of comfort, enjoyment and feasibility much, much lower down the priorities list.

Montreal’s annual Osheaga festival is known for bringing audiences a wide array of performances, from different genres and regions of the world, but this year’s installment seemed to fall victim to the aforementioned trend. Now, before you decide whether you agree with my review or not, please allow me to plead my case.

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CD Review: Army Navy “The Last Place”

If you ask hip indie bloggers what today’s power pop sounds like, you’ll likely get Army Navy as the response. Lead singer Justin Kennedy belts out the opening track of The Last Place, “Last Legs,” and is accompanied by catchy riffs and a solid beat as he states, “The the place I want to be is in my head…” Even better is the stellar “Ode to Janice Melt” where Kennedy talks about his affair with a married celebrity. The band’s sound is reminiscent of a mixture of Teenage Fanclub, Pulp and Belle & Sebastian with an easygoing bounce in each track’s rhythm. “The Long Goodbye” and “Ex-Electric” both share solid songwriting and musicianship.