(Press Release) Once again the Employmet, Youth and Sport Department of the City Council of Bilbao (Basque Country, Spain) has called a new edition of the “City of Bilbao” Pop-Rock contest. After 20 consecutive years this music competition has become the most credited one in Basque Country, Spain and now is a referring point in the music scene of European newcomers. There are 3 music categories: Pop-Rock, Metal and New Tendencies. There are 32.000 € in prices, live Concerts (Aste Nagusia, Bilborock, Azkena Rock Festival), instruments… Last year there were 1115 competitors and more than 10.000 people attended the 28 programmed concerts. You can read the “Contest rules” and to participate in our web:
Web site: www.bilbao.net/bilborock
Registration ends December 31st 2008.