3000 Records Treats Indie Musicians Right

(PRESS RELEASE) Back in 1996 Terrance Damian started an independent record company called "3000 Records" www.3000records.com as a student at Western Michigan University. Since then, he finished college, got a few corporate jobs, and eventually ended up pursuing the career he enjoys the most, being a Musician. With his debut full length CD "A Simple Life" scheduled for release during fall 2006, and consistent touring, he is establishing his music career. At the same time, he helps other Musicians through the many connections he has made since starting his label "3000 Records" 10 years ago.

A good definition of 3000 Records is "an organization that operates as an independent record label and offers Music Promotion Services to other record labels and serious independent Musicians". At this time 3000 Records mostly releases Co-Op CDs (compilations). The CDs are used as a promotional tool to reach college radio, independent radio, international radio, satellite radio, internet radio, and magazines, film, and T.V. production companies, and A & R staff. The music is also promoted in music retail stores, music conferences, and through other music related events. The services are designed to help Artists with USA music promotion, international music promotion, music retail promotion, online music promotion, radio promotion, and more.

The two music promotion services provided by 3000 Records are called "Indie 360" www.indie360.com and "CD Register" www.cdregister.com . With these services, Musicians and Bands gain exposure to the masses. This is done by utilizing connections with the Music Industry, while offering this record label as a service for musicians and by musicians. Terrance believes in dreams becoming reality, and making that happen with hard work and dedication.

The first Co-Op CD was put together in Kalamazoo, Michigan with flyers and word of mouth. Terrance says, "Actually, after losing a promised spot on a Co-Op CD (compilation), I decided to start up my own. The first Co-Op CD was a real struggle, and it’s still not easy. Based on some of the results from our promotional efforts, this has been a rewarding experience. This is about Musicians helping other Musicians."

Here it is 10 years later, and Artists from around the world continue gain recognition with 3000 Records.


Press Contact: Terrance D. Schemansky
Email: email protected from spam bots terrance@3000records.com
Phone: 1-586-480-3000 US
Website: www.3000records.com