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Just a quick apology for the lack of genuine band and record reviews over the last couple of days. I am in the process of changing day jobs and I have been falling behind on The Rock and Roll Report but hopefully things will settle down once my work situation is set up a bit but hey, it’s summer so you are either outside enjoying the weather or at some steamy club enjoying loud rock and roll. The last thing you should be doing is sitting in front of a computer right?

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  1. The Mike Dalton Band Invades the Jersey Shore

    With summer officially declared at the Jersey shore, you can bet you won’t be cooling off any time soon. Temperatures on the East coast will be soaring but not due to any heat wave, but to the rockin music of The Mike Dalton Band, http://www.mikedalton.com. At any one of the many venues these guys perform, their sounds and style will blow you away hands down. Who is the Mike Dalton Band? Mike, Eddie, Jimmy, and Nick, out of Brick, NJ. Four outstanding and talented musicians that come together to solely entertain the fans with top quality performances.
    At any given show, you’ll hear the drummer, Jimmy Druiett yell out the next set of originals from past tracks and recently released cd GLIDER, and/or a long list of covers. When Mike Dalton, lead vocalist and song writer, bass player, Nick Massaro, and guitarist, Eddie Carson hear that queue the rest is history. Many from the music industry have come to know of the Mike Dalton Band and their unique style and sound.

    Bill Kelly: WFMU, Jersey City, and Sirius Satellite Radio;
    “The Mike Dalton Band is a melodic rock/country hybrid clearly capable of appealing to a wide audience.”

    Danielle Monaro; Elvis Duran & the Z-Morning Zoo (Z100 NYC);
    “Mike Dalton has a fresh new sound. Everyone should take a listen to his stuff.. they’d really enjoy it!”

    Chris Cimino; Meteorologist, NBC, “The Mike Dalton Band has been one of the best kept secrets in New Jersey. It’s time the secret gets out!”

    Kid Kelly; Pop (Senior Director), Sirius Radio;
    “The Mike Dalton Band is the best unsolicited/unsigned band that I have heard in a real long time”

    Jim Babjak; The Smithereens;
    “The first time I saw Mike Dalton perform, I had to go up and introduce myself. His performance really knocked me out. He’s a truly gifted performer/songwriter and in a perfect world would be a huge star. This guy from Jersey delivers the goods 100%!”

    Maria Milito; Discjockey of Q104.3 FM;
    “The Smithereens meet REM: THE MIKE DALTON BAND! World-get ready for them!!). These guys gurantee you’ll be rocking to their sounds and will come back for more.

    No one performance at any of the venues is the same. The fans, ranging from ages 25-40 plus, keep comin back for more of the sounds from the Mike Dalton Band. To check out performance dates go to http://www.mikedalton.com, and get in on the action while it’s hot. For more info contact, Pat 908-896-0559.

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