A Weird Rock and Roll on TV Moment

I had a weird rock and roll moment while channel surfing Saturday night. I was flicking between a WGBH fundraiser featuring “The Grateful Dead at Winterland” and Jet playing on Saturday Night Live. What was weird was how I seemed to change moods depending on which band was playing. I actually like the Grateful Dead so it was fun hearing them segue from “Casey Jones” to “Johnny B. Goode” but then when Jet came on I couldn’t stop smiling just knowing that a band like that was brand new and playing honest to goodness rock and roll today. It’s always great to hear rock and roll played today, vibrant and new and keeping the spirit and attitude alive for some of us who still remember why rock and roll is truly the great, life affirming music that it has always been. The other thing that I was thinking about Saturday night was “does anybody actually still watch Saturday Night Live?”