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An Introduction To Dieselkopf

 The Swedish band who I am about to introduce you to originally began as a bit of fun. The original band member and founder of Dieselkopf, Ronny Rasmusson, used to play in a soulband and eventually got so fed up with being turned down by the local press in Gävle, Sweden. So, just for fun, he made a piece of computer music and sent it to the local media. Suddenly it was regarded by a local music critic as the best demo of the year and Dieselkopf was born.

Dieselkopf Poster

The compellingly obsessive sound of Swedish band Dieselkopf is a formidable fusion and detonation of metal, industrial, rock, electronic and punk. Dieselkopf are not for the fainthearted and are not to be missed. They have an addictive anarchistic predilection which is fuelled mostly by world events and situations. For example check the Tracklist on the Dieselkopf album Fear Of The Future – ‘Godman’, ‘Fail’, ‘Lonely’, ‘Firestep’, ‘Filthy Man’, ‘King Of The Hill’ and ‘Accept The Consequences’. Listening to these tracks, or even just reading the titles in order says so much about the ethos which drives Dieselkopf. Far more than ‘just another band’, Dieselkopf are a force to be reckoned with and should not be treated with any disregard. Dieselkopf took formation in 1996 from a band project which was initially ‘just for fun’, led by Ronny Rasmusson. After one album and an eight year break Dieselkopf are now back, stronger than ever before with a fervent desire to change the world. Dieselkopf released a live album titled Studio Sessions in May 2015 and have a third album in the imminent pipeline. Miss out on Dieselkopf at your peril!

To help add a little extra information, I have had a brief chat with Ronny Rasmusson about Dieselkopf –

Nick – How did Dieselkopf gain its name?

Ronny – Dieselkopf is a name that comes from a joke. I was playing in a soulband (1996) and we were really good soulband. But we were constantly hated in the local paper, especially by one guy who wrote shit about us in the music paper. So I started a new band incognito, and made a complete stupid/fun rework of music and named it, “Dieselkopf” then I send the tape to him, and he loved it a lot. A couple days later I revealed the scam. He honestly begged us to change course. When the soulband split up I continued Dieselkopf, and made new ground.

Nick – What inspires and drives your music?

Ronny – What Inspires me/Dieselkopf is the time we live in, the stupid politicians, stupid governments, military insanity, corruptions. All this is a well of inspirations and drive to do that I/we must do. To make a stand, in our heads and hearts. This is the only way for us/me is to make this kind of music. It helps that I in general like this genre, and it is a great way to make one listen. As an example, the track ‘Mad As Hell’ was written during the chaos of Tahrir square in Egypt. I was watching the chaos on tv and got “Mad as hell” when I saw what happen in Egypt at that time….. So the track is very much inspired of the happenings in Egypt and the arab spring.

Nick – How many musicians are in the band at the moment and who are they?

Ronny – We are at this stage four members, Pierre on Vocals, me on guitar, Viktor on DJ deck/soundmachine and Erika on keyboard and, this could change. We used to be a five piece band but Marko who was on bass has recently left. We are currently seeking another bass player. Recently we also had a constant search for a drummer that shares our vision. This search almost killed the band, because we didn’t find a drummer that was what we were looking for. Several of this drummers that tried, is many of our friends, also many of the drummers were not into the general idea that we had, as clicktrak, track background, playing other instruments. We had to renew our ideas of the beat section. I talked to the guys, and said that we are gonna try Viktor on sound machine/beat machine instead of a drummer that we can’t find. Two guys quit the band instantly, on that idea. Viktor was a success! He do more industrial sound, that no one done before. His joining the band was a complete success. We are better than ever before. The tracks, that coming now are so damn good. I am very pleased with them.

Nick – Who writes your material?

Ronny – I write the music and I work with Pierre on the lyrics. But I’m not good at singing. If I were, I probably would have done that as well! When i do our songs I generally never think of what´s cool or not cool. The only thing is gut feeling, when my head almost explodes from what I have seen on TV news, the song making is a good channel for me to sort out all the frustration, that goes on inside me.

Nick – How is the new album progressing?

Ronny – We had a meeting production meeting yesterday, and it was very constructive, so we are on track with eight tracks planned this fall and another three or four early next year.

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