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An introduction to the ambassadors of the weird, the strange and the socially unconventional

If you like the idea of being entertained by an excellent genre bending band then you really do need to check out The Bohemian Embassy who are another fantastic band from Bath in the UK. They released an album back in 2012, Built For The Future, which is an absolute musical gem and a joy to listen to.

The Bohos

This band, affectionately known as the Boho’s defy any defined kind of genre pigeonholing. Their sound combines elements of alt pop/rock with occasional skiffle-ish and post punk connotations. This unique style along with their phenomenally well executed live sets has been getting the Boho’s plenty of praise from the likes of Cerys Matthews on BBC Radio 6 and has taken the Boho’s to some of the best live music venues in the UK as well as a Spanish tour. Since the release of Back To The Future the band have gained a new member on guitar and violin which expands their stupendous sound even further. In 2014 the Boho’s will be taking their fantastic sound back into Europe and also America..

If you fancy checking out the sound of The Bohemian Embassy then you can download track 2 from Built For The Future, Subject To Status’ as a free download.

The mighty Boho’s are about to release a new EP called Seek Love and have already released a single as a free download called ‘Look East’ from the EP.

seek love

The Boho’s main web page is HERE

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Been watchng these guys for the last 2 years, there evolution has been amazing! They were already great but with introduction of Will Jefferies (guitar) and Jade Morris (Violin) they really are the next big thing, to use your quote "genre busting" I've heard the Seek Love EP live and can't wait for the CD. Trully are a great amongst new music check them out! Seek Love, Big Love BOHO's TRIBE ASSEMBLE!

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