And now for something a little bit different: eRocktica!

If you are looking for something that’s a cross between a rock band and a strip show then you will probably want to check out eRocticka, which bills itself as “An Anti-Censorship Erotic Theatrical Musical Free Expression Rock Extravaganza.” The music leans on the heavy side of things and is surprisingly good, anthemic rock and roll. Featuring Pink Snow on lead vocals and guitars, Shelly Lynn on bass, Pontus J. Back on guitar, C.J. Scharg on drums, Justin Masters on guitar and backed up by a bevy of dancers, this is a real rock and roll band with an obvious twist that will detract most from the music but shouldn’t (I know, I know. I read Playboy for the articles.) Now make no doubt about it, this isn’t your dad’s rock and roll concert (although some of those Iggy and the Stooges shows your dad might have went to were pretty wild…) but should be quite the experience for those of you looking for a different rock and roll extravaganza to check out and would like to see a stripper playing as opposed to just dancing to rock and roll. While I haven’t seen the show yet (check their website for their latest tour dates) the music gets 3 thumbs up.