Women Who Rock! April’s Triple R Girl is the Amazing Christine Varian of Ardor

Emerging to stardom from a once working class lifestyle under the grey skies of Ohio, Christine Varian is a classic example of how hard work, dedication, musical talent, street smarts and a whole lot of sex appeal can quickly pull a person from the shadows into the spotlight.

Christine was discovered by long time music scene kingpin and axe-man Brian Gerbetz; she states “I was singing karaoke in a ‘hole-in-the-wall’ bar one night, when Brian was asked by a friend to come scout me out.” Astonished by Christine’s voice, dance moves and humble personality, Brian decided to give her a shot at being lead singer for the quickly uprising band “Ardor” (www.ardorband.com, myspace.com/ardorband)

Christine started writing with Ardor in the fall of ’08, and has been with the band ever since. “Being the front-woman for such a powerful and respected metal band is an awesome experience, and a huge responsibility. I often find myself having to not only perform my best vocally, but also maintain my physical and mental composure in public. It’s not easy being a hot rock chick, ha ha.” says Christine.

Christine’s voice has been called “The Christina Aguilera of Heavy Metal” and her looks have been compared to “Avril Lavigne, except with more edge and sex-appeal”. One thing is for sure though, no one in the celebrity world, or the metal music scene can hold a candle to Christine’s original style and uniqueness.

In her spare time, when she is not tearing up the microphone with her impeccable screams and radiating vocals, Christine has been heading up several modeling projects; posing for some of the nation’s top photographers. She says she plans to dominate every media outlet she can someday, which opens up the possibilities of acting in movies, being involved in politics, starring on network television and more. “Being the lead singer of a renown metal band is such a privilege, but I want more… I want to rule the world!” she says.

“Rule the world”; pretty strong words for a girl who was once a waitress in a small town Applebee’s, however, Christine has proved her worthiness more than most; she has managed to stay humble and sympathetic throughout the years, often providing a sort of ‘vehicle’ for her friends and fans. Christine’s stage performances, radio interviews and public speeches have all included strong messages of hope and perseverance that everyone who is listening, can relate to. Truly, her words have been motivating and she is well on her way to being the next spokesperson for a generation of striving teens and an inspiration for upcoming, struggling singer/songwriters.

As for Christine’s band mates, they all seem to be pleased with her efforts to help push the band to greater heights since her induction in the early fall of ’08. Stephen Meier (bass guitar) stated, “I don’t know what we’d do without her, she really makes this band and this music the best it could ever be! Without her, we’d only be half way up the music scene ladder.” Brian Gerbetz (guitar) went on to say “Christine’s presence in this band is unmistakable, she truly makes every note pop and shine the way it should. We are really lucky to have found her.”

To keep updated with Christine’s work, visit Ardor’s website at, www.ardorband.com as well as their myspace page, www.myspace.com/ardorband

Look for Christine to be on U.S. tours with Ardor in the mid-summers of ’09 and ’10.


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