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Arrow Films reissue Black Sabbath and much more……

Do you ever find yourself to be intrigued by the name of a band or more to the point, how that name got to be chosen in first place? One band who formed in the late sixties and have been a major international name in the music world ever since. Not only have Black Sabbath created such a plethora of genre bending and shaping music, but they have also got one of the most memorable and striking band names in the history of Rock music. The first name which the band created by Iommi/Ward/Butler/Osbourne was called Rare Breed.

This was changed to The Polka Tulk Blues Band which was later shortened to Polka Tulk. Soon after this the name was changed to Earth, much shorter and sweeter. However, the band soon realised that there was another band using the name Earth. Soon after this the band noticed the queue of people who were waiting to go into the cinema across the road from their rehearsal room. The film being shown was the 1963 Boris Karloff horror classic called Black Sabbath. This film title not only inspired the track but also gave rise to the band naming themselves after this film produced by Mario Bava.

As from Monday 13th May, Arrow Video will be releasing Black Sabbath after giving it the complete Arrow treatment. The forthcoming dual format Blu-ray & DVD deluxe edition include brand new versions of each film, a wealth of special features and bonus material (cast, director and expert interviews, introductions, deleted scenes, trailers, audio commentaries, photo galleries, collector’s booklet). If that wasn’t enough, the release will also include an exclusive reversible sleeve, featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Graham Humphreys.

Click Here for the Black Sabbath Video teaser

Arrow have also released the Mario Bava classic Baron Blood after giving the same treatment which they gave to Black Sabbath. This superb movie is about as close as you can get to being a Vincent Price style classic without actually having Vincent Price starring in it.

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Other recent re releases from Arrow Video include George A. Romero’s action classic Knightriders.  This was made immediately after Dawn Of The Dead There’s still plenty of action, but rather than flesh eating maniacs, its medieval jousters riding modern-day motorcycles who get to have all the fun. This makes for a highly entertaining visual combination which I recommend highly and also gave Ed Harris his first leading role.

Click Here for the Knightriders video teaser

Earlier in April Arrow Video released  “Dead End Drive-In”, the Ozploitation classic from acclaimed English director Brian Trenchard-Smith (Turkey Shoot, Stuntrock). Dead End Drive-In is one of the classic grindhouse movies, pitting the dregs of society against each other in a crazed battle of atomic punks, burnt out junkers, and a totally corrupt police force.

Set in an apocalyptic future, where crimes rates have spiralled out of control and the economy has permanently collapsed, those in charge have found a perfect solution to the rise of lawlessness… Lock away the undesirables, criminals and low down dirty scumbags in old drive-in movie theatres, which have been converted into violent and deadly concentration camps. This is another movie which I can recommend highly. It is crammed with the sounds and visuals coming right out of the eighties and is an overlooked classic which is now available in the UK for the first time.

Here is a link to the Arrow Films Official Website where you can get more information and also make purchases.

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