Rock Radio 2.0

Attention all podcasters! This is your big chance.

Do you podcast? If so you will be very interested in Infinity Broadcasting’s newest experiment: an all podcast radio station that accepts and broadcasts submissions by the general public. They like to call it "Open Source Radio" (a true skewing of the term "open source" IMHO) but their plans for KYOU Radio are certainly interesting. Take a washed up AM radio station in San Francisco and turn the programming over to podcasters who will decide on the station’s content (within ever restrictive FCC guidlines of course). And you can even include music in your podcast as the station will pay the licensing fees for you. I think it is pretty clear that this experiment will not last that long (prove me wrong podcasters!) but still, jump on the bandwagon while it’s at the station and take advantage of this opportunity while it still exists. Who knows what could be become of this? You could be the next Les Nessman!