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Mangry’s Metal File – ANGERMAN


Michael: Vocals
Tom: Guitars
Tommy: Guitars,Vocals
Stian: Bass
Stefan: Drums

This band hails from Norway and let me tell you they know how to do it right, I met the guitar player Tommy on my space (was one of my first friends)and he invited me to check out his band, I really didn’t know what to expect after all we get a lot of requests from bands to check them out and a lot of it is the same not these boyz.From the first time i listened i was hooked. Not only is the music full of heavy solos and riffs but they incorporate such heavy and meaningful lyrics into their songs with influences such as Dime and Pantera , Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Down, Clutch, Meshuggah, Machine Head, Tool, Metallica, Black Sabbath…and more.

Artists and Bands

Mangry’s Metal File – DROWNING POOL



Ryan McCombs: Lead vocals
C.J. Pierce: Guitars/vocals
Stevie Benton: Bass/vocals
Mike Luce: Drums/vocals


Indie Record Label- Eleven Seven Music

The band itself has been around for a while but with the untimely death of lead singer David Williams it brought some changes ,now the line up includes the raunchy & raw vocals of Mr Ryan McCombs. Ryan is no stranger to the industry (but out of the industry too for years) he came from the band Soil although I firmly agree that he has found his band!!! These guys hail from Texas so you already know the whiskey flows freely and the music is fresh, new and extremely hard hitting from the squeels of C.J’s guitar, the bassy tones of Stevie,and the head pounding roar of Mike’s drums this band promises everything.

Artists and Bands

Mangry’s Metal File – West Memphis Suicide

This band hails from Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
Featuring Chris Raposo (vocals, guitar)
Barry Martin (guitar)
Paul Oliver (bass)
Dani Cobb (drums)

When i first heard of this band the one thing that stuck out to me was the heavy guitar riffs. When you listen to these musicians the guitar work grabs you and then the drums come in with an amazing roar and tight bass lines, throw in the heavy lyrics and there you have it the perfect mix of talent you will want more I promise.