Wake Up Lucid’s Ryan Baca on the band’s roots, foretold fame, fave venues and more

When singer/guitarist Ryan Baca had a dream in which he and his late father composed a song entitled “Wake Up Lucid,” he wasted no time in putting together a band under that very name. Enlisting the help of cousins Ian (bass) and Jamie Baca (drums), Wake Up Lucid was born and quickly released its debut EP, Look Alive People, to rave reviews from Rolling Stone. Randy recently had the chance to chat with Ryan about all things Wake Up Lucid…

Q: How has your music evolved since you first began playing together?

A: Well, we’re still a really young band, Jamie had only been with us three months when we recorded Look Alive People. Since recording that EP, we are just trying to keep that energy and excitement that you have when you first get a band together and also focusing on songs that have a timeless feel, rather than whatever is hot at the moment.