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Simon Heads to the Islands and Takes a Listen to Jointpop

Its not often that you will hear the words ‘rock band’ and ‘Trinidad and Tobago’ mentioned in the same breathe, which is why I was surprised when I found out that ‘Jointpop’ were from T&T. Its refreshing to hear a band from a country such as Trinidad taking influences from musicians like Neil Young, U2, and The Beatles but when they start to play it all becomes clear.

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CD Review: 13th Hour – “Thirteen”

As far as emotional rock music goes I have to admit that I have not been one to rate this genre in the past. But I truly believe everyone should be open-minded when it comes to music with the many different styles and trends out there in the industry. Many bands have influences; others will make music purely to be a part of a scene. What I tend to look for are the bands who do it with passion because they enjoy doing it.