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Tommy Lee Invites You To Take Part In The First Interactive Recording Project Ever!

tommyleeStarting 6 P.M. PST Monday, October 5th, grab your chance to take part in an interactive recording project with Tommy Lee, drummer extraordinaire for Mötley Crüe as well as Methods Of Mayhem and his own solo music.  Lee’s been busy the last few months working on his next Methods Of Mayhem record.  He, along with friend and producer Scott Humphrey, have been in his new Atrium Studios putting new tunes together.  As if that weren’t cool enough, Tommy has decided to add a twist.  For the first time ever, he is opening up his process to any and all takers interested in working with him and his music.

Once a week the two will post stems or skeletons of the free demos at for people to download and overdub their own musical parts, bass, guitar, vocals, keys, drums, loops, electronics, etc, then upload them back to the same site.  The best submissions will be featured on the site, used in the final mix and credited on the record.  They will be evaluating the best track submissions weekly for 11 weeks for 11 songs.

Anyone with a great musical idea is invited to play a part in helping to achieve true Public Mayhem, i.e. collaborate on the album.  A wide range of formats are available to work with, including RiffWorks, WAV, Logic, GarageBand, ProTools and the Four Track 3.0 iPhone application.

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Book Review: Garage Band by S.F. Lynch

garage bandKnow your subject and write about what you know.  It’s basic Writing 101 and pounded into your brain without you realizing it.  Those essays you wrote in school every September, “What I Did On My Summer Vacation” weren’t assigned because your teachers were sadistic.  OK, maybe a little, but that’s not the point.  Writing about how you spent those last three months gave the reader a window into your mind…how it worked and what your skill levels were.

And so it goes for S.F. Lynch.  Having written about music for years, contributing to cold-drill, Coe Review and Thought Magazine among others, it’s a subject he knows inside and out and the inspiration for his book Garage Band.  The plot and characters are well drawn from real life as any one that’s ever been in a band or known friends that are in one can tell you.  So the rule of thumb has served him well.