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BackstageGallery.Com – Finally Giving Local Rock Photographers Their Due


I love rock photography and hope to be featuring some in the near future on the Rock and Roll Report but getting a hold of it is not always the easiest thing to do. You pretty much have to Google search for the stuff and deal with multiple websites where sometimes it would be nice to just go to one site and browse for a bit to help you decide what you like. Well BackstageGallery.Com is a new site that will help you do this.

Their “Version 1.0” site as they like to call it is where they plan to “finally honor local freelance rock photographers’ work in one place.” According to an email I received from them:

Our founder was the recent president of Best Buy and when he went looking for great rock photo art what he found was a ton of cheap posters and a handful on online art galleries like Wolfgang’s Vault and Morrison Hotel where only a few photographers were selling their stuff for a ton of money.

So we set out to find the local guys whose photos are often still in boxes because the shooters have never gotten around to digitizing and commercializing their amazing work. We have a bunch more shooters lined up and way more images about to come online than you’ll see at the site, but we’re pretty happy with our starting point.

Now this sounds like a cool project that I will be following closely. I need some new stuff for the walls of Rock and Roll Report HQ and this sounds like a great place to start.