Opportunities A New Website Promoting Unsigned Artists.

(PRESS RELEASE) The hardest challenge faced by unsigned artists is simply to be heard by the right person who can get you noticed. In recent years this need for exposure has spawned a massive commercial industry of websites offering promotion to new artists, but just how effective is this promotion? Paying for “Premium” memberships on “free” sites is no laughing matter before the gigs start coming in and, although admittedly sites like MySpace do a great job for free, how are people actually going to find you until they know your name?

So now, a service that really is completely free – and promises to remain that way – is, a website that appears to have solved some of the biggest problems faced by its giant competitors. Website creator Andy Lingfield had a very successful career in the music industry before moving his talents to other projects, and knows all about the importance of being spotted by the right people. “When I started singing, the main problem was how to get noticed. I was very lucky to be discovered after appearing on ITV’s My Kind of Music, which led to me playing Pharaoh in the UK Tour of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical Joseph”.

“As a song writer myself, I got so fed up with the poor-sounding upload quality on similar sites,” says Andy “and the fact you can never easily find what you are looking for. So I thought I’d try to do something new, and spent a long time researching music genres to make sure got it right.”

With songs remaining at the quality at which you upload them and detailed genre lists, the site works by allowing people to search by song and not artist – so you can actually find exactly the music you are looking for easily. The site automatically creates slideshows of your uploaded photos which play along with your song.

“I coined the word iZMO to be more than just the type of music you are interested in, but also your style, thing, passion or interest. Whenever you play a song the site then suggests other music from different artists or “iZMOs” that you might like.”

Although very new, BANDiZMO has already been praised by musicians and talent spotters within the music industry for its simplicity and ease of use.

So whether you need to get heard or just want to listen, why not check out and find out, exactly what is your iZMO??