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Bargain Bin Book Review: “Crazy From the Heat” by David Lee Roth

So as I was driving into work with my wife awhile back when the local radio station CHOM FM played a cut from the new David Lee Roth covers album Diamond Dave. It was a re-recording of Ice Cream Man, a cover originally recorded for the once great Van Halen’s first album (check out this site for all the info on their slide into ignominy). And you know what? The old fingers were drumming like a madman on the steering wheel. It was great! Recorded a few years ago and performed by a core band consisting of Nile Rodgers, Omar Hakim and Edgar Winter, this version has got a kinda big band feel that works for me. And it got me to thinking about Roth’s autobiography “Crazy From the Heat.” Love him or loath him, we all know that Roth should be taken with a grain of salt the size of Rhode Island but believe it or not, the guy can write and this book is a scream. He actually writes with wit and intelligence and the stories of his travels to exotic ports of call with the “Jungle Studs” are quite fascinating. Consider Roth to be the Rock and Roll version of Paul Theroux. Even if you don’t like the guy, pick up this book (it cost me $4.99 at a Barnes and Noble in Chicago) and enjoy. Underneath that sun burnt, balding head lies the fried brain of a half decent, though slightly hyperactive, writer. A perfect book for the beach. Bring on the sequel!