Birmingham, U.K.’s Dakesis talks debut album, local music scene and the story behind ‘Lube It, Pump It, Jump It’

Dakesis is a five-piece alternative prog/power metal outfit exploding out of Birmingham, U.K. Dakesis formed in 2008 and ever since then the band has been making a clear footprint on the rock scene as they deservedly gain attention and support. Dakesis is comprised of Wayne (vocals/guitar), Gemma (vocals/keyboards), Matt (guitar), Amie (bass/vocals) and Adam (drums). I saw Dakesis play a blinding set at Cath Gaskins Funky Punky Birthday Party at The Old Wharf in Birmingham earlier this year and although they had previously gotten my attention on MySpace, this gig firmly cemented the Dakesian virtues in my heart and soul.

The venue has a small, but well equipped stage in one of its bars and stages many great bands. Being a small public house, The Old Wharf’s stage is on the small side and is nestled into the back of one its bars, but the sound in this place is great as it just drives forwards, slapping into you as it should. Dakesis has a sound and style that would easily envelope a large stadium and in this venue, as you can imagine, it was simply explosive and brilliant. The band came on stage apologising for being lurgy ridden and vocally below par, but this was unnoticeable through the music. The musicianship from all five members was outstanding and to top that, Amie and Gemma changed places, swapping instruments and sharing vocal duties. This made no odds to the brilliance of the sound and is worthy of even more credit.

Dakesis recorded a self-titled debut EP earlier this year, which soon sold out of stock, but fear not – you can go to to find a free download link for this EP. It contains four great tracks; ‘Trial By Fire,’ ‘Valhalla,’ ‘Broken’ and ‘440(King of the Road).’ The first two tracks are pure power metal at its finest, ‘Broken’ is a slower, more harmonic song and ‘440(King of the Road)’ is pure hard rock at its finest. Dakesis has the power and the passion to one day land in the metal hall of fame, so do check them out and help them along the way, they deserve so much. I recently had a little chat with the band for The Rock and Roll Report…

Q: How did Dakesis form and what inspired the name?

A: Dakesis originally formed in 2008, when our first drummer Jord put Wayne in contact with a mutual friend who shared a love of European melodic metal. The name comes from a Greek word meaning “Illusion” or “Deceit.” It was Wayne’s mum who first came up with the name and straight away we thought it was a great name for a power metal band!

Q: What has influenced and helped to shape your sound?

A: We all share a common love of European melodic metal and power metal and have our tongues placed firmly within our cheeks, but individually we all bring totally different influences to the band. For example, Wayne is hugely inspired by all things ’80s, especially hair metal, whereas Amie is into extreme death, prog and black metal.

Q: Your demo EP has been a great success, what are your plans for any possible follow-up releases?

A: We are currently in the mixing stage for our debut album, which is very exciting! We’ve re-recorded the four demo tracks that we released earlier in the year, along with five tracks from our live set and a totally new song that no one has heard yet. We saw the completed artwork yesterday for the first time and its so exciting to know we are getting close to release.

We have spent the best part of the summer recording, most of the time we have been working pretty much every day, so we are hoping the hard work pays off and this album is something special.

Q: You have been extremely active from the start, but especially this year – what are your plans for future gigs/tours?

A: We’ve got a few gigs coming up around the Midlands at the moment, but we’ve been winding down the number of gigs gradually as we’ve needed to spend more and more time on the album. Once the album is released we are planning a small U.K. tour, followed by a longer U.K. tour after Christmas. Talks have already begun for some U.K. festivals next year, but the biggest thing we’re hoping for is to get over to the continent for some dates later in 2011!

Q: Do you have tales of any amusing band moments that you may wish to share with us?

A: The one that comes to mind first was hill-surfing at Sonic Rock Solstice Festival ’10. We were camping on-site and the band/VIP area happened to be on top of really steep hill. When one of the airbeds broke, we decided it would be a great idea to see if we could surf down the hill, so we got some washing up liquid and water on the plastic side of the airbed and started taking running jumps down the hill.

Before you know it we had all the bands, photographers, radio DJs – some really high profile people! – involved. We had everyone chanting “LUBE IT, PUMP IT, JUMP IT” and diving down the hill with five or six people all trying to stay on the airbed. We reckon more people were hill-surfing, then watching the bands at one point! Next year we plan to return with novelty inflatables.

Q – Being a Birmingham-based band, you are in a rock hotspot, so to speak. Can you recommend any other bands for us to keep an eye out for?

A: Being the home of heavy metal, there’s always an influx of exciting new bands and there are so many great bands on the Midlands scene at the moment! Aceldama are good friends of ours and are such a great live band, check out their festival anthem, “Metal and Beer.” Morgue Orgy are on the extreme side of things, but we consider them to be one of the tightest bands around, always fun, but scarily talented guys. Kataleptic are another firm favourite in the extreme metal scene who never fail to put on an amazing show.

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