Black Book Entertainment Group – Rock and Roll That Gives Back to the Community

The Rock and Roll Report is excited to be teaming up with Black Book Entertainment Group for a regular series of charity concert events in Southern California. We chatted with Black Book founder Church of the group VIZIONZ to get some insight on what Black Book is all about and what his vision (pun intended!) is for the company.

Rock and Roll Report: What motivated you to start Black Book?

Church: The motivation for Black Book, I wanted to simply give back. I have been given a second chance so i promised myself if I ever had the opportunity to do so, I would. As I was watching VIZIONZ get bigger and bigger it hit me that maybe I should use the VIZIONZ shows to help others. So I asked my band mates to lend a helping hand, to support a charity at each one of our shows. Not to many promoters welcomed the idea at all. So I created Black Book to promote and book shows the way I wanted to do them.

RRR: How has the response been so far?

Church: The response to the shows has been so overwhelming, at first I thought this is not going to work. But that has not been the case at all. There is so many people willing to help out Black Book. Its hard now because I have so many and only one night a month to do a show.

RRR: How many events have you had already?

Church: Black Book has had 2 very succesful shows with the 3rd on its way January 24th.

RRR: Tell us about the event on the 24th.

Church: The January 24th show is to raise awareness for my friend Megan Tomczak’s Big Cat Foundation. There is several kick ass bands helping out, Kottak, VIZIONZ, Ronny North, and Brothers. We also have an all star jam after including all members of the bands and a very special guest, Briana Alexis of Absinthe. At the event we will also have a red carpet, coverage of the event will be by VM Underground,,, and of course The Rock and Roll Report. Daisy Rock Guitars is also donating a guitar to give away. I want to thank them for giving guitars away at all the events we have had and a special thank you to my partner in Black Book Mary Elizabeth who does an awesome job in the post show recaps. We also have some great sponsors who help as well and they are Mental Metal, Tsunami Cables, and Bill of The Mission Tobacco Lounge.

RRR: How do you pick the charities?

Church: I picked the first charity we did which was Covenant House, the are doing awsome things with the youth. As far as the other charities we raised awareness for they kinda just fell in the Black Book lap, they were brought to our attention by people at the shows. So as we raised awareness for one, we ourselves were made aware of others. Pretty cool.

RRR: How is the money raised at these events if admission is free?

Church: For the last 2 shows the admission was free but the 3rd we have a low coverage charge to cover the expense of putting on a larger show. Black Book only raise’s awareness for the charity and does not solicit money at the show, instead we direct them to where to donate. If the charity wants to come in solicit funds they are more than welcome to do so.

RRR: What short, medium and long term goals do you have for Black Book?

Church: At the moment, I’m taking one event at a time. Im still learning on how to organize these events, and trust me there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes, I hope one day to have a full time staff working on Black Book to bring the biggest and meanest Charity Events this planet has ever seen.

RRR: Tell us a bit about what is going on with your band VIZIONZ.

Church: VIZIONZ is currently recording its debut cd titled Aganist the Grain, its due to be release for internet sales in February and a physical CD release in Spring 09. The band is gaining a lot of momentum in LA and we are talking to a few national acts about touring in summer of 09.

RRR: Any plans to host any events outside of Southern California?

Church: I would love to host an event outside of California at some point, maybe several events in several states on the same day for the same charity, that would rock!!!

RRR: Why should people come to one of your events?

Church: People should come to a Black Book event, not only are you going to see and hear some of the best rock bands in so cal, but the events are held like a Hollywood movie premire and lets not forget your going to learn about some kick ass charities that make a real impact in people lives.

RRR: Anything else you want to add that people should know?

Church: I want people to know Im not alone doing this, there are a lot of people who help, and one that rocks behind the scenes in our writer Mary Elizabeth, who flies out from Arizona for these events on her own dime, Also Lori who takes hundreds of photos for us. There is so many and I just cant thank them enough.

RRR: Where can people get more info?

Church: You can info on all the Black Book events at I can use all the help I can get so drop me a line if your willing to help in anyway.


  1. ~Nice interview, Mark.
    I would like to cover events like this in the future…
    In the photography field…
    ~All good thing’s, All for a good cause.
    Keep up the good works…

  2. Thank you for this interveiw. I went to one charity event here and it was Sooooo Great. I had a blast and the people there are so very freindly. It”s awesome to come and Rawk for such a good cause and it makes you feel good to.. There are so many charities in need and rock n roll can spread the the word very quickly.
    Black Book Entertainment, Church, members of VIZIONZ, and all the others helping, do make a difference in this crazy world we all live in.

    You All Rawk !!!!
    See Ya on the 24TH 🙂

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