Broadcast Me Some Joyful Noise – Introducing Rock and Roll Report TV!


The mission of the Rock and Roll Report has always been to shine the light on bands, artists and record labels that we believe epitomize rock and roll and yet are sadly overlooked by today’s commercial rock media. We do that with the website where we review all kinds of CDs that span the rock and roll sonic spectrum. We do that on the Rock and Roll Report Podcast where we have played hundreds of bands that are either unsigned or are on indie record labels and rock with the best of the majors and we are now doing it on the brand new Rock and Roll Report TV.

Rock and Roll Report TV is just another way that allows us to include you in our rock and roll adventure. We want to take you along with us as we visit cool clubs, interview up and coming bands and generally have a blast showcasing stuff we think is cool. We want you to feel connected to RRR TV, to identify with our hosts, not as some TV star but as your partner in crime, another passionate rock and roll fan out to find what’s hot and what rocks.

A sense of fun and honesty will permeate everything we do on RRR TV. We are doing this because we are passionate about what we are covering, not because we have been assigned something and are just going through the motions. We want to rock your eyes and ears and have fun doing it and we hope you will find the time to join us in the fun.

Today we are releasing the promo for Rock and Roll Report TV wherever web video can be found and next week we will introduce you to the team both behind the camera as well as our incredible hosts Leah Ann Cevoli and Allegra. All this will lead up to the very first episode of Rock and Roll Report TV set to air on July 15, 2009.

Together I think we are going to have an absolute blast as we hunt out all that is cool in Rock and Roll. With you on board I think we are in for one hell of a ride!

Thanks for watching.

Mark and the crew of Rock and Roll Report TV


  1. wooohooo at last its out there :o)

    Congrats to the team and you sunshine,this will be huge and well worth the wait….

    No one Rocks like the RRR team….

    awesome job Andy….

    hugs xox

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