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The balance and power of Akarusa Yami

What would you get if you were to put a combination of industrial prog, brutal beats, 280 BPM drums, slaying guitars, polyrhythms, hardcore vocals into a mixing pot with a touch of  sci fi plus and melodies? Akarusa Yami is what you would get. Akarusa Yami are a Metal/Industrial Noise band who have been blasting out of Nottingham in the UK after being formed in September 2010 by Guitarist Tom Clarke (Insidious) and Vocalist Tom Brumpton. Between them they have formed a bombshell of a musical marriage. Nowadays Akarusa Yami consist of…

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The Transpersonals

9d4da3d1ecb315c8b43be5f90a1165c3.wix_mp_1024If you’re a fan of 60’s influenced psychedelic and garagey music, look no further than Bristol based band The Transpersonals.

This unique and talented 3 piece manage to blend retro jam band influences with a thoroughly modern lyrical sensibility. Their songs reference recent popular culture and politics sprinkled over eastern-tinged rocking tunes. The band admit to preferring the environment of the studio and the experimentation this allows them to performing live; consequently their gigs are a bit of a rare treat.

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Nasty Little Lonely (formerly Rock In Your Pocket)

The good city of Bristol and the whole South West region in the UK has a thriving music scene, the city of Bristol is packed with so many good music venues covering all styles and genres. And then there are the bands. One band band called Rock In Your Pocket was formed in Bristol back in 2009 and they caught my attention very quickly when I found their initial two songs ‘Ugly Face Of Rage’ and ‘Le Son De L’argent (Dirty Hands)’ online. Both of these songs have such a strong fusion of styles which entrapped my enthusiasm for this band. ‘Ugly Face Of Rage’ gels to form a plastic/elastic explosively punked up song. ‘Dirty Hands’ has also been used on the band’s debut album Gutterdub. Nasty Little Lonely are beyond pigeonholing into any specific genre or comparison but they are erogenously eclectic as they mix the power of punk and grunge into a flux with a dash of dub and a light spicing of guitar psychedelia.

Nasty Little Lonely

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Redlight release Astronauts on 21/01/2013

AstronautsThe mainstream music world seems to be driven or at least shaped by the multimedia industry more and more as it is shaped by the entertainment industry while it progresses into modern times. Due to this, everything needs a genre label to allow it to slip into a specific category for ease of labelling. Life is rarely that black and white so what we end up with is a vast pile of artists who get tagged with a variety of labels. I could ramble on endlessly on this subject, as there are so many good examples of this in the television, movie, and music world. This article is about just one band and their forthcoming release  that is such a fine example of a musical crossover which creates a musical fusion which is both unique and magnificent. I have introduced you to this band called Redlight before and they have this exceptional new album release which is due to be released on the 21st of January 2013. The first time that I covered and interviewed Redlight was way back in February 2010, this article can be found Here

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On the road with Astralasia….

Music has been with our species from the start of our evolution and has been happily evolving with us ever since then. This magical creation has continued to evolve and will keep on doing so for the duration of our species. The band who I am introducing you to in this article are called Astralasia and even though their history does not go back quite that far, they do have a lot of history as they have been evolving for a few decades now. Way back in 1982 a psychedelic pop/rock band called The Magic Mushroom Band was formed. This wonderful little outfit began as a five piece band consisting of Gary Masters (Gary Moonboot, guitar), Kim Russell (Kim Oz, vocals) and guitarist Gary Twining. Wayne Buaku (bass) and Jim Lacey (drums).

The MMB formed their own label Fungus Records and started working together with the Magick Eye Records as well. In 1989 Mark (Swordfish) Hunt joined the MMB and they began to explore an Ambient-Dub style which eventually included Goa/Trance/House territory with their side-project Astralasia. The Magic Mushroom Band continued until 1995 while Astralasia have remained active until this day and shall remain to do so for the foreseeable future as they are very active with a large dedicated and enthusiastic fan base. Just recently I heard one Astralasia fan accurately describe them as being ‘one of the last bastions of tribal fusion’.


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Scott Looks to the Future with James Hunter and the Past With Al Green

James HunterThe Hard Way – Hear Music
Al GreenLay It Down – Blue Note

Great soul music seems to be universal. Not only can it touch the hearts of young and old music fans (when it’s done right) but it can also cross color barriers easier than any other type of music. I mean, who can resist early Motown like The Supremes, Smokey Robinson or even Marvin Gaye? Who does not feel a little more alive when a song by Otis Redding or Aretha Franklin comes on the radio? Then try to sit still when one of the greatest of them all, y’all, James Brown, gets his furious dance beats percolating.