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CD Review: All Star United “The Good Album”

Take a trip to the surface of the sun – the new record, The Good Album by All Star United is HOT. I’ve always liked this band – engaging lyrics, hugely melodic choruses, and excellent musicianship. They’ve released a string of strong records through the last decade and The Good Album continues this tradition – in fact, I think it is one of their stronger releases in recent memory. Yes, it is more of the same relative to their other work, but why change a successful formula? All Star United faithfully delivers what their fans want – dramatic songs that lampoon society or inspire, each containing a driving versus and sing-a-long chorus.

And they seem to have outdone themselves on The Good Album, sounding tighter and more energetic than ever, delivering one memorable melody after another. Not a bad tune in this remarkably consistent record, but some of the tracks that resonate the most with me include “Is This The Moment”, “Once Again, With Feeling”, and “Beautiful Way”. Another interesting cut is the happy go luck feel of “Dude…That’s Freaking Awesome!”, a sarcastic account of the aimless partiers in college who refuse to grow up. Other great tunes slamming celebrity worship and commercialism grace this record as well.

I don’t understand why a band like All Star United isn’t more of a household name. They gained some traction with their last record, “Love and Radiation”, getting songs placed in movies and TV. There is clearly no justice in the musical world if The Good Album doesn’t explode – it’s not just good…it is terrific.

iPOD-worthy: 2, 5, 6, 7, 9, 12

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