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CD Review: Anoxia “A Lapdance For The Devil” (Mighty Music)

Now and again an album comes your way that makes you sit up and listen, really listen.

This debut from Denmark’s Anoxia is one of those albums. One that made me sit and pay careful attention to every note shredded and every drum rudiment hit.

This is because it is one hell of a album.

I am not one to throw these admissions wildly, Anoxia have produced a album consisting of well crafted songs, perfectly honed musicianship, and crisp production.

Kicking off in a wall of double bass and wah wah soloing “Cold Violence” is the benchmark for the album. Lars Frederiksen’s vocals cut through with enough power and melody not to be overpowering, and the guitars and drums are in places out of this world in technical ability.

There is not a duffer hidden away in the ten tracks on offer, “Risky On The Rocks” goes down thrash territory with blast beats and lightening speed riffery, while “”Lonely Ride” offers a melodic rock approach. That is the thing that really impresses me about Anoxia, their ability to add thrash, power, and melodic metal, along with progressive moments without moving away from their own distinctive sound. This is not easy to accomplish, and the band seem to do it effortlessly.

Whether you want to throw horns and bounce off your sofa, or to sit in your car singing at the top of your lungs, “A Lapdance For The Devil” delivers.

If Anoxia are not setting the metal world alight by teatime, either they have done something seriously wrong or everyone in the world has gone deaf.